Alliance War


  • Enemy player characters that enter “Home Base" locations in Cyrodiil will now be killed immediately.


Combat & Gameplay


  • Reduced the cooldown for the daily rewards from using the Dungeon Finder to 20 hours from 24 hours.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use multiple knockback abilities (such as Meteor) on monsters to cause them to become stuck in the air.
  • Fixed an issue where spell reflection abilities (such as Reflective Scale) would charge the reflecting player the resource costs of that spell.
  • Fixed an issue where your mount's Stamina bar was not updating properly and becoming desynced from the mount's actual Stamina.


  • Shadow
    • Shadow Cloak: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not suppressing the damage over time effects from the Meatbag Catapult.

Champion System

  • Fixed an issue where the Champion UI was showing the incorrect bonus values when you redistributed your Champion Points.


Exploration & Itemization

Item Sets

  • Akatosh's Blessed Armor: Fixed an issue where the blind debuff applied by this item set could be used on certain boss monsters.


Justice System


  • Adjusted the safeboxes across Tamriel to appear much more frequently.
    • This is to facilitate Thieves Guild Safebox questing.
    • The average value of the items found in Safeboxes has been reduced accordingly to account for the increased frequency.



64-bit Client

  • Made further improvements to the issue where you could see pink or missing textures. This is an on-going work in progress.


Quests & Zones

Alik'r Desert

  • Snakes in the Sands: You will now be able to interact with the victims to administer antidote.


  • The Soul-Meld Mage: You will now be able to progress past the second pile of rubble while in monkey form.

Fighters Guild

  • Proving the Deed: Ebonheart Pact player characters will now be able to properly interact with the backpack.


  • Reclaiming the Elements: Some monsters associated with this quest will now actually stay dead when you kill them.


  • Beasts of Falinesti: Pariel will now respond to combat, and be able to be subdued on the quest.




  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking the Crafting tooltip when creating an item would cause an error message to display.


  • Fixed an issue where mail attachments would occasionally not attach properly.
  • Fixed an issue where closing and reopening the Send Mail window would cause pending attachments to disappear.

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