Nightblade Blood Mage

by @Kyubi_3002b16_ESO

Many people theorized that the only class fit for Healing spec is templar, while i do agree templar got interesting Healing mechanics i find it lacking in multiple way and that is mainly because there is no way that the templar can both Heal and deal damage with the same ability bar (or at least without sacrificing some of its spell slot for a full damage spell purpose).

What im proposing here is a build that comes straight out of the most crazed individual imagination i present you an assasin that is not an assasin here is the Bloodmage build

By default the principle of this night blade build is to mix out restoration magic with siphoning magic and vampirism to proc an endless flow of regeneration to yourself and the party.
Running a restoration staff along with siphons allows you to take the better of both world as siphon will still deal excellent damage while also Healing yourself and the team not to mention the endless flow of ultimate recovery granted by it which allows for a spam of the vampiric bat cloud ultimate. This build will literally over regenerate any damage taken proc constant damage shielding and provide efficient team support all while offering a decent damaging source.
Race: While any race will do (curently playing a Khajiit with this build) Breton and High elf both got an increased magicka pool wich other race dont. You might however consider khajiit or wood elf as an alternate so to be able to feed as a vampire easily but again by using shadow cloak you can still get that free stealth you need to sneak down on them.

Armor type: By default just any healer if not all should be running light armor for a maximised magicka regeneration, you dont want yourself running out of magicka in the middle of a battle do you?

Attribute: So far im just theorising it as ive not hit maximum level yet but i think a balance between health and magicka is recommandable and as such placing point and attempting to have as many health and magicka is always a charm.

  • Dealing damage as a healer... great! Extreme regeneration and siphon and Healing synergize together.

  • Did i mention that in solo you are near unkillable, possess multiple crowd control if speced in siphon and that your damage shield allow for easy self recovery not to mention the damage increase as the number of available target increase? Yup that's life as a vampire baby


  • Lack a supportive ultimate ability as bat swarm, siphon elite and assassination elite don't heal allies but who cares when your regular ability are more then enough already.

  • Deals less damage then a classic nightblade but can easily compete with the mages

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    • Anonymous

      09 Dec 2016 21:15  

      I was wondering, why using the vampire's ultimate, considering it's only a personal life steal which require of you to get close to the fight? Why not using the Shadow's ultimate, which have a soft crowd control (slow), add the major protection status to the allies and give them the possibility to become invisible and heal over time? Or the Siphon's ultimate, wich will deal a burst of damages, stun the ennemies for 3 seconds and allow one allie (most likely the main tank) to regenerate a kind of large amount of health instantaneously?
      (For the records, I realize the guide has a bit more than 2 years now and it's clearly a possibility that the skills I mentionned may not even existed at the time)

      That said, the rest of the guide, while being a bit vague, gave me the informations I needed before going for a nightblade as a healer : I will not just stand by the fight waiting for the others to deal the damages. And it gives the opportunity to add a little crowd control.

      My point being : thanks for sharing it.

      • Anonymous

        Nightblade Blood Mage09 Aug 2016 03:17  

        Very interesting .But is it possible for you to link the names and picturs of the abilitys ?Because im just a casual player and donĀ“t know alot about other classes than my own (which is caster by the way) .So anyway , Blood Mage sounds really awesome , be sure that I test thatone out ^^

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