Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_026.pngArx Corinium Conqueror

Complete Veteran Arx Corinium by defeating the Fanged Menace, Ganakton the Tempest, Sliklenia the Songstress, Matron Ixniaa, the Ancient Lurcher, and Sellistrix the Lamia Queen.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngBanished Cells I Conqueror

Defeat Cell Haunter, Shadowrend, Angata the Clannfear Handler, the Skeletal Destroyer, and High Kinlord Rilis in Veteran Banished Cells I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngBanished Cells II Conqueror

Defeat the Maw of the Infernal, Keeper Imiril, and High Kinlord Rilis in Veteran Banished Cells II.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngBlackheart Haven Conqueror

Complete Veteran Blackheart Haven by defeating Iron-Heel, Atarus, First Mate Wavecutter, the Roost Mother, Hollow Heart, and Captain Blackheart
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngBlessed Crucible Conqueror

Complete Veteran Blessed Crucible by defeating Grunt the Clever, the Pack, Teranya the Faceless, the Troll King, Captain Thoran, and the Lava Queen.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngCity of Ash I Conqueror

Defeat the Infernal Guardian, Golor the Banekin Handler, the Warden of the Shrine, the Dark Ember, Rothariel Flameheart, and Razor Master Erthas in Veteran City of Ash I.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngCity of Ash II Conqueror

Complete Veteran City of Ash II by defeating Horvantud the Fire Maw, the Ash Titan, and Valkyn Skoria.
15 n/a
Sigil Orange

achievement_026.pngCrypt of Hearts I Conqueror

Defeat the Mage Master, Archmaster Siniel, Death's Leviathan, Uulkar Bonehand, Dogas the Berserker, and the Ilambris Twins in Veteran Crypt of Hearts I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngCrypt of Hearts II Conqueror

Defeat Ruzozuzalpamaz, the Brothers Ilambris and the Ilambris Amalgam, and Nerien'eth in Veteran Crypt of Hearts II.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngDarkshade Caverns I Conqueror

Defeat Head Shepard Neloren, Foreman Llothan, the Hive Lord, the Cavern Patriarch, the Sentinel of Rkugamz, and the Cutting Sphere in Veteran Darkshade Caverns I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngDarkshade Caverns II Conqueror

Defeat the Transmuted Hive Lord, Grobull the Transmuted, and the Engine Guardian in Veteran Darkshade Caverns II.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngDeadlands Savvy

Complete the following achievements associated with City of Ash II.
50 Deadlands Adept n/a

achievement_026.pngDirefrost Keep Conqueror

Complete Veteran Direfrost Keep by defeating Teethnasher the Frostbound, the Guardian of the Flame, Drodda's Apprentice, Drodda's Dreadlord, Iceheart, and Drodda of Icereach.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_063.pngEasy as Pie

Explore the culinary traditions of the Dremora.
5 n/a
Deceit Orange

achievement_026.pngElden Hollow I Conqueror

Defeat Akash gra-Mal, the Ancient Spriggan, Chokethorn, Nenesh gro-Mal, Leafseether, and Canonreeve Oraneth in Veteran Elden Hollow I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngElden Hollow II Conqueror

Defeat Dark Root, Murklight, and Bogdan the Nightflame in Veteran Elden Hollow II.
10 n/a n/a

quest_head_monster_002.pngFungal Grotto I Conqueror

Defeat Tazkad the Packmaster, War Chief Ozozai, Broodbirther, Clatterclaw, and Kra'gh the Dreugh King in Veteran Fungal Grotto I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_025.pngFungal Grotto II Conqueror

Defeat Gamyne Bandu, the Spawn of Mephala, and Vila Theran in Veteran Fungal Grotto II.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngSelene's Web Conqueror

Complete Veteran Selene's Web by defeating Treethane Kerninn, Longclaw, Queen Aklayah, Foulhide, Mennir Many-Legs, and Selene.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngSpindleclutch I Conqueror

Defeat Spindlekin, the Swarm Mother, Cerise the Widow-Maker, Big Rabbu, and the Whisperer in Veteran Spindleclutch I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngSpindleclutch II Conqueror

Defeat the Blood Golem, Praxin's Ghost, and Vorenor Winterbourne in Veteran Spindleclutch II.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngTempest Island Conqueror

Complete Veteran Tempest Island by defeating Sonolia the Matriarch, Valaran Stormcaller, Yalorasse the Speaker, Stormfist, Commodore Ohmanil, and Stormreeve Neidir.
15 n/a n/a

ability_warrior_007.pngUndaunted Rescuer

Rescue all of the members of the failed Undaunted expedition to the Deadlands of Mehrunes Dagon.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngVaults of Madness Conqueror

Complete Veteran Vaults of Madness by defeating the Cursed One, Ulguna Soul-Reaver, Death's Head, Grothdarr, Achaeraizur, the Ancient One, Iskra the Omen, and the Mad Architect.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngVolenfell Conqueror

Complete Veteran Volenfell by defeating the Desert Lion, Quintus Verres and the Monstrous Gargoyle, Boilbite, Tremorscale, the Unstable Construct, and the Guardian Council.
15 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngWayrest Sewers I Conqueror

Defeat Slimecraw, Investigator Garron, The Rat Whisperer, Uulgarg the Hungry, Varain Pellingare, and Allene Pellingare in Veteran Wayrest Sewers I.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_026.pngWayrest Sewers II Conqueror

Defeat Malubeth the Scourger, Garron the Returned, and Varaine and Allene Pellingare in Veteran Wayrest Sewers II.
10 n/a n/a

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