Concealed Weapons is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online. BUG FIX for Concealed Weapons. If you reach the end of the quest to confront Aera, and you have no dialogue options, you need to complete her quest chain in Bal Foyen. Either result in the Bal Foyen quest will affect what she says during this phase, if she says nothing its because this quest chain wasn't completed. The quest in Bal Foyen is "Crossroads" but it has prerequisite quests to do, and is the final quest in the area. 

Concealed Weapons Bestowal

" I've arrived in Nimalten to find the city under threat. Thane Fjora was attacked by her houscarl. Aera Earth-Turner, my old friend from Bleakrock Isle, is leading an investigation. "




  • (Optional) Talk to Aera Earth-Turner.
  • Talk to Thane Fjora.
  • Talk to Borodin and Golun Drenduf.
  • Talk to Aera Earth-Turner.
  • Examine the Dark Contract in Betar-Nes' home.
  • Talk to Aera Earth-Turner near Thane's Hall.
  • Examine the body in the Thane's Hall.
  • Use the glowing orb to talk to the memory matrix.
  • Enter the crypt through the secret passage.
  • Kill the cultist.
  • Talk to Thane Fjora.
  • Track the traitor to the crypt.
  • Decide the traitor's fate.
  • Talk to Thane Fjora.


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