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Colovia is the name of the region of Tamriel between the Abecean Sea and the Niben River. Colovia is a part of Cyrodiil. This regions has the counties of Anvil, Chorrol, Kvatch and Skingrad and the Imperial Reserve. The Gold Coast is the region around the port of Anvil.




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" From the record of Endelion, Aldmeri Dominion Cartographer:
Charting the coastline of Khenarthi's Roost and its nearby waters has proved to be quite difficult, owing to inclement weather and interference from Sea Elf “enforcers” who waylaid the trade ship I secured passage on. Luckily, they took no interest in me; we surely would have been delayed further (or worse, judging by the behavior of these brutes) if there was any suspicion of an agent of the Aldmeri Dominion aboard. When we finally docked at the Port of Mistral, I parted ways with the traders—I'll need some time on the island to perfect and detail my maps, as the most recent records we have are quite crude and incomplete. My superiors will certainly be pleased with the results, which will be well worth my commission."

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