Bug Off!


Vivec's Antlers
Davon's Watch


Cyrodillic Collections Daily Contract Recompense
Average Leveled Gold

Bug Off! is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is one of the Daily Quests given by Jee-Lar, a representative of Cyrodilic Collections.


Quest Information

Jee-Lar needs bug repellent candles for Cyrodilic Collections' explorers in Murkmire. He requested that I gather materials so his contact, Tamira Dobar, can create these candles.



  • Collect ingredients to make bug repellent candles for the expedition to Murkmire.





  1. Collect Superior Dreugh Wax and Ash Basil Leaf at Vivec's Antlers.
  2. Talk to Tamira Dobar in front of the Davon's Watch Fighters Guild.
  3. Take the Repellent Candle to Stormhold and talk to Jee-Lar.




Cyrodilic Collections Daily Quests


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