A Dangerous Breed




 Level Appropriate Gold

Kwama-Hide Cops

A Dangerous Breed is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Drovos Nelvayn has created a very destructive genus of kwama that threatens not only the egg industry, but the entire island of Vvardenfell if left to breed. You must destroy the royal egg before it hatches, wipe out the scribs that tend to the egg, and slay Nelvayn to prevent any future freaks of nature from being developed.



  • Speak to Ridena Devani



  • After speaking to Ridena, enter the Matus-Akin Egg mine behind her.
  • Wipe out the scribs in waiting
  • Kill Drovos Nelvayn
  • Destroy the Royal Egg
  • Speak to Ridena to collect your reward




  • There is The Matus-Akin Mine Explorer achievement to collect here for killing Th'krak the Tunnel-King
  • There is also a skyshard to collect here that checks off "On an islet in the subterranean lake"


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