A wide array of bonuses can be granted by effects. Effects themselves are granted from many sources including: abilities, potions and armour set bonus. An effect is either active or not, regardless of how many sources may grant it. If an effect has a major and minor version, and both are granted, only the major version applies.

By applying bonuses indirectly in this way Elder Scrolls prevents players from massively stacking one type of bonus. It is therefore useful to know where effects are granted to avoid overlap. A list of active effects is shown in the Character Sheet; some may be manually removed before their duration naturally expires.

Below is a list of effects, the bonuses they grant, and the sources that grant it.

* Not all effects can be initiated by the player. Effects marked exist within the game and may be used by NPCs, and especially dungeon or trial bosses.

Name   Bonus Source
Aegis Major   *
Minor -5% Damage Taken in Dungeons & Trials
Berserk Major +25% Damage
Minor +8% Damage
Breach Major Reduce Spell Resistance
Minor Reduce Spell Resistance
  • Templar > Dawn's Wrath > Power of the Light (Morph)
  • Potion > Lower Spell Resistance Trait
Brutality Major +20% Weapon Damage
Minor +5% Weapon Damage
Cowardice Major   *
Minor +60% Ultimate Cost
  • Potion > Ravage Magicka
Defile Major -30% Healing
Minor -15% Healing Recieved
Endurance  Major +20% Stamina Recovery
Minor +10% Stamina Recovery
Evasion Major +20% Dodge Chance
Minor   *
Expedition Major +30% Movement Speed
Minor +10% Movement Speed
Force Major +30% Critical Damage
Minor +12% Critical Damage
Fortitude Major +20% Health Recovery
Minor +10% Health Recovery
Fracture Major Reduce Physical Resistance
Minor Reduce Physical Resistance
Gallop Major +30% Mounted Speed
Minor   *
Heroism Major   *
Minor +1.5 Ultimate per Second
Intellect Major +20% Magicka Recovery
  • Templar > Restoring Light > Radiant Aura (Morph)
  • Potion > Restore Magicka Trait
Minor +10% Magicka Recovery
Lifesteal Major   *
Minor Heal 2% of Damage Done
Mending Major +25% Healing
Minor  +8% Healing
Maim Major  -30% Weapon Damage
  • Templar > Dawn's Wrath > Nova
Minor -15% Weapon Damage
Prophecy Major +10% Spell Critical
Minor +3% Spell Critical
Protection Major -30% Damage Taken
Minor -8% Damage Taken
Resolve Major Increase Physical Resistance
Minor Increase Physical Resistance
Savagery Major +10% Weapon Critical
Minor +3% Weapon Critical
Sorcery Major +20% Spell Damage
Minor +5% Spell Damage
Slayer Major   *
Minor +5% Damage in Dungeons & Trials
Vitality Major +30% Healing Taken
  • Nightblade > Siphoning > Soul Siphon (Morph)
  • Potion > Vitality Trait
Minor +8% Healing Recieved
Vulnerability Major    
Minor +8% Damage Taken
Ward Major Increase Spell Resistance
Minor Increase Spell Resistance

Mundus Stones

The effects granted by Mundus Stones are displayed as Boons in the list of active effects.

Food and Drink

The active effects of food and drink crafted through provisioning are displayed in the list of active effects.

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      09 Feb 2017 04:02  

      can buffs effects be multiplied? for example if i activate lighting form that give major resolve (+5280 physical resistance) and then i activate rune focus that give the same effect, will it be multiplied together and give 10560 physical resistance (2 times 5280) ?

      • 10 Nov 2016 05:41  

        This is beautifully done, but there is an older page with the same intention:

        Perhaps we should merge them?

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