Major Berserk is often confuzed with major brutality. Major Brutality is a buff that increases weapon damage by 20% , this buff is obtained through certain skills such as weapon skills and class skills, or armor sets.

Weapon skills: Two handed skill= Momentum (lasts 33sec) / Dual wield skill= hidden blade (lasts 20sec).   Class skills: Dragonkights have Igneous Weapons skill from under thier earthen heart section (Igneous Weapons is a morph from molten weapons) (lasts 30 seconds, give to allies aswell) / Nightblades have Drain Power skill from thier siphoning abilities (lasts 20sec). All skills mentioned give Major Brutality buff.

Damage hint:  If someone was a Nightblade, Two handed, Dual weilder;  they can stack the buff together to reach over %60 dammage bonus. Some nightblade abilities give *minor brutality aswell.  

    • Anonymous

      15 Jan 2018 23:52  

      Entry claims this buff stacks with itself. To my knowledge, this is not true. Casting Momentum, then Hidden Blade, would only refresh the buff back up to the (lesser) 20 seconds that Hidden Blade gives. Would love to be wrong about this, if someone can provide proof to the contrary.

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