Classes in Elder Scrolls Online are pre-made character roles equipped with skills and equipment geared towards their intended purpose within an adventuring party. Most traditional MMOs have restrictive ch are a subset of your weapon choice, much like Guild Wars 2. The game also features Skill Points, allowing for the player to create specific builds  around specific attributes.

A new fifth class, called the Warden is coming with the Morrowind DLC on June 6th, 2017.


Classes in ESO


DPS or Tank



DPS or Healer



DPS or Healer



Tank, DPS or Healer


    • 24 Nov 2016 09:46  

      im building bosmer (wood elf) nightblade destruction staff/bow (just for cripling attacks) wielder wearing light armour and doing just fine. those suggestions are nonsense.

      • Class Roles and Suggestions01 Jun 2016 14:26  

        Class Roles and Race Suggestions should be removed due to the nature of the skills/builds in this game. Every class can play every role with every race well if not better than some of the suggestions here i.e. Breton Dragon Knight Healer would be a VERY good character.

        • And their work clearly shows! The game is awesome!30 May 2016 09:17  

          People must be crazy. RPG experience A, Graphics A+, multiplayer I haven't touched much, Co-oping is fun.Seriously even if you do compare this to Skyrim or Oblivion I'm honestly not disappointed. They literally just hijacked everything I love about Elder Scrolls and put it into a huge open beautiful world with other real players in it. What's not to love? :D Best game I've played all year. And thank you for all your hard work developers and for not nickle and diming me (allowing me to purchase content permanently instead of through subscription)

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