Morrowind is a DLC chapter for the Elder Scrolls Online. It launches on June 6th, 2017 for PS4, Xoox One and PC.


Morrowind Information

  • The largest zone in the Elder Scrolls Online, Vvardenfell, recreated directly from the Elder Scrolls III. The content is a chapter release, larger than a normal DLC pack and designed for new and existing players. The full base game is included in Morrowind.
  • New tutorial, story and starter zone set 700 years before the events of Elder Scrolls III. You will aid demi-god Vivec & ultimately save Tamriel from a new Daedric threat.
  • 30+ hours of gameplay content
  • New Class: Warden. Focused around nature, with 3 skill lines, ice, nature and animal companions.
  • Visit familiar cities like Balmora and Vivec City
  • 4v4v4 Battlegrounds coming for PvP. At least 3 maps, and 3 game types at launch.
  • A new 12-player Trial, the Halls of Fabrication
  • New Player Housing will be included.
  • The Standard Edition includes Morrowind and the base game and costs 60 USD.
  • The Collector's Edition comes with a giant colossus statue and other collectibles for ?? USD.
  • The Digital Collector's Edition is ?? USD with digital pre-order bonuses.
  • Existing players can buy the Upgrade Edition for 40 USD. 
  • Existing players can buy the Digital Collector's Upgrade Edition for ?? USD.

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