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    • Hundings rage v1630 May 2016 09:14

      I need v16 hundings rage medium armor with divines. I have the mats. Xbox one NA GT: Rs Nexuz
      Message me if you can craft me hundings

      • kagrenacs hope30 May 2016 09:14

        can anybody craft me 1 sword, 1 restoration staff and 4 body pieces of kagrenac's hope? Willing to pay gold. Im on ps4, if you can do thisfor me, you can add my psn; com2kill and send me a message, thanks

        • Orsinium30 May 2016 09:14

          I am level 45 and whenever I go to Wrothgar all the enemies are veteran 16

          • Help30 May 2016 09:14

            Can anybody craft me a DPS set for my Stamblade Khajitt lvl 35.. Ps4- NA server.. Would be greatly appreciated and willing to pay gold

            • Jewelry Crafting??30 May 2016 09:14

              Is there no jewelry crafting in ESO? If not, then this game isn't complete.

              • Crown store purchases30 May 2016 09:14

                Anyone know if you can transfer what you bought from the crown store to a different character? I launch a build that I don't use to buy the imperial update but got a few other things like vampire bit and mimic stones but I only have access to them under that build.

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