Transmutation is a crafting system in Elder Scrolls Online, that allows players to change the traits on their gear, including weapons and armors. This feature was added with the Clockwork City DLC and Update 16.


How to Transmute Gear in ESO?

In order to Transmute an item, you must locate a Transmutation station and have the item trait researched in your crafting Skill Line. This means if you’d like to add the Sharpened trait to your dagger, you must first ensure you have the ability to craft daggers with that trait. You’ll be able to find a Transmutation station in the heart of the Brass Fortress within the Clockwork City or acquire one for your home from a certain Master Writ merchant.

In addition to the crafting skill requirement, Transmutation requires a special new resource called Transmutation Crystals that you’ll need to collect and save. You’ll be able to earn Transmutation Crystals by completing veteran level content (such as Veteran Mode Dungeons or Trials).


Who can Transmute Gear in ESO?

All players who are proficient on Blacksmithing, Clothier or Woodworking can transmute gear if they have the necessary equipment.

Players can only transmute gear that belongs to themselves or is not bound. This means that you cannot ask someone to transmute a "bind on pickup" item for you.

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