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PC Player Guilds

Name Description Membership Count

Galaxy Edge

Currently recruiting ALL members!

Primarily Daggerfall Covenant - NA Server - PvE - Questing - Dungeons

Friendly guild established to create a fun environment for everyone!

Join now! Message @Scribbles707 SirCyrus

external image skyrim___alduin_by_hughebdy-d4o96l4.jpg
  • Guild based at the EU SERVER.Ebonheart pack.
  • They are seeking for the new brother's and in their case everything is will be thuffer.
  • If you are wan't to be part of the Emperor of the Tamriel, you should join them now!
  • They accepting any lvl player and looking for the active warriors!
  • Come join us at our path and let me guide you my friend!
  • Ares Septim - The Leader of Guardians Of Akatosh
  • (Waiting for a Message)
Arch Angels New guild on the EU server. DC alliance but willing to accept other factions in. Varied gamer styles from dungeon raiders to PvE questers. Helpful and friendly to novices with loot sharing through the bank.

New features including website to come, join now to build a great new guild.

Free WW bite from the Guild Master for active members! Msg @Lord_Spearecrest
Battleborn Sentinels Being among the oldest and best guilds to join the Ebonheart Pact,
The Battleborn Sentinels
are a group for all kinds of players with a huge focus on PVP. We also have a significant group of RP’ers, PvE’ers, crafters, and explorers. Join now because when the game launches, recruitment will be strict and only the best will get in. If you want to fight along side the most elite players the Pact has to offer. We are an international guild, and we welcome everyone who wants to join. Someone is always online because we have members from all around the globe. We look only for the applicant to be willing and keen to learn more and train vigorously to become a defender of all that is good, no prejudice will be shown in terms of level, so don’t be afraid. However, we are PC/MAC exclusive. Join the Battleborn Sentinels now! Team speak required as we value communication, no level required, friendly atmosphere! All applicants have to sign up on our main site first.

BloodEagles We do PVP a lot. We want guild members who are loyal and will help others. We are an Ebonheart pact guild. 1+
looking for more members quickly!!!
ElvenDefenceCouncil A Aldmeri Dominion focused guild. We have different divisions for PvP, Questing and Dungeons. We accept cross race as long as your goals are to claim back the Imperial City for our Queen.
Visit us here -
The Durmanhoth Clan
external image avatar.1314063018.png
Ebonheart Pact: The Durmanhoth Clan was established in 1993, back in the days of MUDs (Text Based Multi-user Dungeons.) where DC has always had a primary focus of PvP. As the Clan shifted into graphic MMO gaming, DC took to murder and thievery throughout the cities of Ultima Online. DC then took control of all aspects of Star Wars Galaxies on the Flurry server as a Imperial powerhouse and established ourselves through PvP, conducting aggressive city sieges and maintaining one of the largest crafting / business districts on the server in a player owned city.The Durmanhoth Clan forced inferior clans to unite to keep their holdings through our massive open world raids and sieges, bringing devastation to player owned bases. Lesser guilds fought and folded under the DC Flag.

The Durmanhoth Clan is actively recruiting all players. PvPers, crafters and casual players are equally welcome to join our ranks, contribute to the community and advance our nation.
Dark Council Members: Overlord Hardware ,Dark Queen Laheira ,Govenor Wolf
Skyforge Bladesmiths Skyforge Bladesmiths is an Ebonheart Pact guild formed by none but the best blade and armor smiths in all of Tamriel. The guild was formed at the very beginning of time with the intentions of keeping the finest smithing techniques a secret within the guild. If you think you have what it takes to join the guild Contact Rob the Bloodknight.  
Ebon Wolf
external image 1396233640_ebonwmini.png
Ebonheart Pact Roleplay and PvE guild, focused on the story of a band of brothers dedicated to resurrect the glory of an old tale about the brave Ebon Wolf and his knight.
Activities go from Roleplay tutorials for novices to daily dungeon runs, PvE support and own storyline quests.
This guild is currently recruiting all classes withint the Pact; more info can be found on or whispering to Kalha Ebonmane
Fangs of Ironglaive The Fangs of Ironglaive
Time Zone: EST
Server: North America [NA]
Faction: Multi-Faction, originally AD
Primary Focus: PvE, Crafting, Trading, Social, Leveling
Secondary Focus: PvP domination
Contact: lightshades, Ulgrenn, Wolfwing
We are a NA Aldmeri Dominion based guild that is looking to recruit players looking for a supportive social guild. We want to build a community of ESO players who are mature, respectful, fun loving, and dedicated to building a closely knit network of players willing to help out each other. We encourage our members to socialize and network with other guild members. The stronger our guild bonds become the more successful we will be in the long run.
Currently, our main focus is on PvE content, social interactions, crafting, and trading. Eventually once the majority of our members are leveled we want to enter the PvP arena and completely dominate the field.
First Tamriel Watch CZ/SK
external image logo%20400px.png
Guilda byla založena s jednoduchým cílem, a to sjednotit přátelské hráče pod naší zástavu a co nejvíce si hru užívat. Nebráníme se žádným lidem, kteří mají stejnou chuť hrát a objevovat svět Tamrielu jako my. Nemáme žádné nároky na věk či snad předchozí MMO či RPG zkušenosti, ale hlavní důraz klademe na pohodové hráče, přátelskou atmosféru a dobrou náladu.

Svět Tamrielu, jak věříme, je natolik bohatý, že si v něm každý najde své místo. Ať už je to hrdinné bojování v PvP nebo rybaření v odlehlé zátoce na okraji světa. Našim cílem je převážně PvE, ale ovšem je tu i prostor pro RP a také pro PvP. Nemalou měrou se chceme věnovat i craftingu a šířit naše bezkonkurenční výrobky mezi ostatní hrdiny kráčející po pláních Tamrielu.

Jsme multialianční guilda, tudíž není podstatné, zda jste vznešený Elf z Atmeri Dominion, který v lesích čerpá moudrost z přírodních elementů, zuřivý Ork z Daggerfall Covenant, jenž si razí svou cest za slávou skrz bojiště, nebo snad statečný Nord z Ebonheart Pact, pro kterého je hlavní čest a odvaha, bojující za svobodu svého lidu.

Pokud Vás naše guilda zaujala natolik, že byste se chtěli stát našimi bratry a sestrami ve zbrani, tak neváhejte a vyplňte si formulář na stránce Nábor.

Těšíme se na setkání s Vámi na pláních Tamrielu, kde spolu jistě vybojujeme mnohá slavná vítězství.
external image large.png?1397937993 Die Wanderer sind ein Orden von freien Kämpfern und Wissens-suchenden! Bei uns wird Spaß und Kommunikation großgeschrieben, um schnell und effizient im PvX/RP voranzukommen! Wir sind eine stätig wachsende Gemeinschaft in der sich alle unterstützen und helfen. Außerdem kämpfen wir für das Dolchsturz-Bündnis; Spionage oder Weitergabe von Ressourcen wird nicht geduldet.
TS3 vorhanden
Meldet euch ingame bei @zyontist, @etrix, @amarsin oder @abrashandra
Black Marsh Crusaders Argonian only guild, focuses on PvE, RP, Questing, General casual fun. Ebonheart to join simply send mail to @Skorksis 4
Smithy's Alliance
US Server
This guild is a smith friendly gathering of players that notice they have little room in inventory and bank for all of their spare materials. The point of this guild is for all members to keep all of their spare materials in the guild bank. This provides access to all members to any materials in the bank. Are you a master blacksmith, but you despise spending 3-4 hours a day searching for specific ore? Withdraw what you require from the guild bank. This is a simple trade system designed to benefit all. When questing, as long as you pick up any materials you come upon, there will constantly be more materials being put into the bank, than being taken out. The bank will have a surplus of goods at all times. Win Win for everyone. And there is little to no risk of anyone stealing mats out of spite or greed. Repetitive withdrawals with minimal deposits will result in a demotion and probational period where the only allowances are to deposit goods until the crime has been paid for. Refusal to do so, will result in removal from the guild.But that should never happen due to the simple fact that stealing a small amount of materials pales in comparison to having unlimited materials at your disposal with cooperation. Our focus is a friendly community, promoting satisfying game-play to reduce the amount of time it takes to farm materials, and micromanage inventory and bank space.
RU FOR THE HORDE An active PVP guild looking for new members. We focus on PVP mainly, but, we also help people level up whether they need help with; Crafting, Grinding, or just basic questing. We don't want to become to large of a guild, only enough for guild store and maybe slightly larger. Keep it small enough where we all mainly know each other.
To join mail @cheadersauce or @bones15
The Adamantine Order is a friendly European Guild allied to the Aldmeri Dominion that offers lots of help to players of all ranges with all group activities such as Craglorn, Vet Dungeons, Pledges and Achievement Hunting!

We feel that one of the most rewarding aspects of MMO gaming is being a part of a fun, sociable, active and engaged community of fellow players. If you feel the same way, make The Adamantine Order your home guild during your time in Tamriel!

We offer free WW and Vamp bites and also host our own TS3 server, regularly updated website with forums as well as a group WhatsApp chat!

Our aim is to make sure we know and interact with every member of the guild so we have a membership softcap of 50. 500 is too impersonal for us.

When the Order was very young we were featured in the Guild Spotlight, you can find it HERE.
If you want to know more about the guild or wish to put in an application to join us then head over to our website HERE or mail our Queen, @ClearArrow in-game!


PS4 Player Guilds

Player guilds available on PS4. Please add a row to the column below to add your guild information.
Example Aldmeri Dominion PvP focused Guild. Progression to emperor! We have ranks and collaboration based on participation. Visit our site at   20
external image logo.png Official Fextralife Guild. North American server, primarily Aldmeri dominion - We do a little bit of everything, and the leaders are transfers from PC version so at max level and knowledgable of the game. Join us to share the adventure!
  • We have maxed crafters to make sets for guild
  • We have a Guild Bank and a Guild Store
  • We do PvP - for fun not for glory
  • We do daily VR dungeons and help with guides and advise

Reply to this thread to join or Message Fexelea over PSN (slower)
Swords of the Divines This is a guild for those looking for a community, we love to help our fellow guildmembers and even others ... for the right price. We are low on members and require aid. New mebers must be willing to donate and participate in guild events. Crafters are needed and must be prepared to fill out requests from the guild. All ranks accepted. We are mainly focused in the Daggerfall covenant but are open to all alliances and races. We also have werewolfs in our guild who are willing to give bites.

Message buster231000 to be invited to the guild
  14 and counting
  NEW Guild Stormblades is now recruiting, we are very low on members and trying to reach 50 members,
We are a pve and pvp focused guild all classes factions and races welcome!
If you are interested in joining a guild that is here to help new members and progress through end game content add elite_soul01 and you will get a invite Thank you and we are looking forward to your membership!
inDAWGnito We are a guild looking to grow. Our home base is in the Dominion, but we are open to players of all factions, as well as all levels. We are happy to help new players out, so don't be shy if you're new to ESO or even Elder Scrolls in general!

If you are a Crafter, you can be listed as one in the roster so that other members can commission you for gear.

Our only rule is pretty easy to remember: Don't be a jerk. We are all here to enjoy the game, so let's not ruin it for each other or other players.

Join by sending a message in-game or via PSN to FireflyNeph, or joining our site here.
Knights of the Guardians Message jkbowser if your interested in joining. We are looking for players who play 3 or 4 days a week. We are currently are looking for anyone who would like to join our guild. The more people you have join the higher you will move up in the guild. We want to grow and need your help tk do that! Go to to find out more info and who to ask to join . we are part of the ebonheart pact for ps4 north american server.    
TheGreyBeards looming for member very active I play ever day looking to become big guild on euro server we are based in the ebonheart region message kingofinferno or spartanxshadowz for a invitation    
external image logo2.png East Empire Company, we are a pure crafting guild(no PvP) that caters to major PvP guilds, to supply them with the best gear and goods needed to take the throne. Why we are different from other crafting guilds# we only have dedicated crafter’s who chose to lvl crafting before other skills

  1. A dedicated sales team to cater to order's making sure the items needed get to our best crafter's.
  2. Massive Bulk orders, our goal is if a PvP guild needs 500 lvl 10 Health, Magicka,Stamina potions no problems, Want to outfit their whole guild with the best equipment lay it on us.
Join us here
external image tumblr_mtdxxv0YxB1rav193o1_1280.jpg My guild is called " The great Dominion whatch of Grand" It is obviously an Aldermeri Dominion based guild that is on a uk server. My guild is focused in both PVE and PVP i.e dungeon raiding or keep capturing etc. It is lead by my main charactor who is called "Agloron the Grand" , he is an Altmer. Our aim is to get as many people in as possible, complete dungeons, achieve higher levels,have our own keep where we can have our own guild store and overall have a good time. (NOTE that we are a lore friendly guild and we do not tollerate foul language that is used towards a nother player and other plain nasty-ness!) Hopefully i will see you in Tamriel!   327
The Brotherhood of Metal
external image Brotherhood_of_Metal.png
Battle and crafting guild exclusively under the Ebonheart Pact banner on the north american server actively seeking members. No requirements to join and all welcome, especially if they love heavy metal music. Friday and Saturday nights are tavern nights where we shall gather, tell tales of battles and have some lighthearted fun. Members will recieve free wares regardless of their quality. This is not the first MMORPG guild I have been the master of and not the only clan I will be leading. I also currently lead a very successful GTAO crew but that is merely a reference nothing more, some of them have pre-ordered as well. I promise members be they completely new to even gaming or enthusiasts, to provide not only a fun experience as a member but help to the best of my ability. I'll be on the game as much as possible in order to make sure help and items are available to members. Message Death_Omen_Dirge (on extended vacation temporarily) on PSN for Details/Registration.   Growing

Gandlieu's Alliance

(PvE group making, loot sharing guild) ps4 guild.

Focus on group making for trials, pledges and for who ever needs help with anything and you need a group to complete it.

add me on ps4: G09_gandlieu

Loot sharing is free only for guild members not for randoms that joined in activity finder.

add me on ps4: G09_Gandlieu

Trying to keep the guild small, but also big-> going for 100 active guild members.

add me on ps4: G09_Gandlieu

Divirsity is most important if too many dps are in the guild there wont be more allowed. There must be a ballance between dps, healers and tanks. So thanks for understanding.

add me on ps4: G09_Gandlieu

Doom Prophets The official guild of the esoplaysessions podcast. We are a guild for casual players seeking people to group up with, and access to a guild bank and store. We have copied all the contents of our guild bank over from the computer version of ESO, so it'll be fully stocked once we get in gear.

We enjoy it all, PvE, PvP, crafting, exploration, RP...the key is to just relax and have fun. Add A_Matress or Elembe1337 in game if you would like an invite. We'd love to have you!
House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen
PS4 Guild Seeking Registrants

Attention Daggerfell Members:
House Harkonnen is now currently seeking the following ;

Spice Harvesters (Recruits)
Fedaykin (Members)
and eventually fellow Dukes (Officers)

active players (few days a week - daily)
Tanks , Damage Dealers, Healers and Mages. Crafters, Hybrids & PvP Stamina/Magika builds.

Bretons/Orcs/Redguards - Daggerfall
Imperial or other race - Imperial Edition
Dune & Star Wars lovers - Not Required but Extremely Welcome.

Crafters Always Welcome !!

Also those who would like to build sub accounts, always looking to build multiple pairings.

Thank You
LordsOfTheUnderworld New guild helping new players and vets level and quest. Will do raids, PVP, etc. Friendly and Fun!   3
Fathers of Tamriel Fathers of Tamriel is a place built from the ground up for fathers. As dads we don't have much spare time, but when we do, we sure as hell don't want to spend it dealing with drama and stress.

Our mission is to create a social place where like minded people can come together and just have fun. No mess, no stress, and no worries are the only rules. We do plan to have a PvP section, PvE section, roleplay and social sections of the guild. This guild is not designed to be a place to try hard, but a place to relax. There will be officer positions available if your interested in a mod type of role. Not to mention we are 70 strong and growing.
  70+ and growing
Ebonheart Super Pals An Ebonheart Pact guild focused on fun and adventure! We currently have a very active store and bank. We're growing by leaps and bounds.   450+
The Iron Scuttler A new guild made for crafters to sell their items they make to anyone who needs it.
They can also team up with others to try and work on exploits for raising their skills.
Its in the Daggerfall Covenant but everyone else is welcome. Message me on PS4 if you would like to join, my psn is sccarver40.
FangBang Cartel Inviting All Vampires any Faction. Non Vamps or people looking to become a vamp are welcome to join we give out bites. All non Vamps members     

Welcome to Dungeon-Tec! 

Because of your dedicated service in the name of the Ebonheart Pact, you’ve been selected to join Dungeon-Tec. We’re small now, but stick around and watch what happens. We plan on growing quite a bit, and we need talented crafters, farmers, and generals to lead the charge. Message NariNamekaze if you’re interested! DLC’s Recommended; Check us out on ESO Toolkit.

TL;DR: Ebonheart Pact, Recruiting, Any one welcome, Crafting/PVE, working on strengthening PVP. Contact NariNamekaxe (PSN)


Xbox1 Player Guilds

Brotherhood of Merchants

Member Count: 350+

Time Zone: EST
Server: North America [NA]
Faction: Multi-Faction, originally AD
Primary Focus: PvE, PvP, Crafting, Social, Leveling
Secondary Focus: Trading
Contact: ComboBreaker88
We are a NA  based guild that is looking to recruit players looking for a supportive social guild. We have a community of ESO players who are mature, respectful, fun loving, and dedicated to building a closely knit network of players willing to help out each other. We encourage our members to socialize and network with other guild members. 

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