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Deshaan is a location in Elder Scrolls Online. This region is distinctive by its fertile grounds leading to the Black Marsh to the south. This area is designed for players levels 15-24. Near the center of the map but a bit further down, there is a good spot to look for ore, mostly high iron ore and orichalc

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Hrorvild Blackrock, Nord weaponsmith:
“Now that ebony, that is a true wonder. I’d love to see what a real Nord smith can do with it, now that we’ve got access to more. Hard to get much before the Pact—most of it comes from Vvardenfell, and the Dark Elves guard it like a sabre cat over her cubs. I heard it’s the blood of a god; that’s what they say, at least.
Anyway, I’ve seen Dark Elven smiths make some fine weapons from it. They keep an edge like you wouldn’t believe and seem to have just the right weight and balance. Give one of our own Nord smiths enough time with a good quantity, and he’ll produce weapons to live in legend forever!”

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