The Steed


Under the Warrior's influence, the Steed boots your Health and Shields you from damage.

The Steed in Elder Scrolls Online, is a minor constellation located within The Warrior constellation. In the Champion System in Elder Scrolls Online, this boosts the player's Resistances and reduces the duration of disabling effects. There is also a Mundus Stone that when activated, Increases run speed and increases Health Recovery .

Players may spend up to 100 points in each Passive Skill (Star) in this constellation, for a total of 400. Diminishing returns are a factor here. As the player puts more and more points into a star in this constellation they will get less and less benefit.


The Steed Champion Points


star2.pngMedium Armor Focus

Increases your Physical Resistance by [0-5280] when a Medium Armor set of 5 or more pieces is equipped.



Reduces the amount of damage you take from Critical Hits by [0-1650].


star2.pngSpell Shield

Increases Spell Resistance by [0-5280].


star2.pngIron Clad

Reduces the damage you take from direct damage attacks by  [0-25]%.


great_star2.pngInvigorating Bash

(Unlocks at Rank 10 of The Steed) Gives you a 20% chance to restore [x] health when you bash an enemy.



(Unlocks at Rank 30 of The Steed) After using Roll Dodge, your Physical and Spell Resistance is increased by [x] for 3 seconds.



(Unlocks at Rank 75 of The Steed) Restores [x] Health when you take Critical Damage.



(Unlocks at Rank 120 of The Steed) When activating block gain a damage shield for [x] every 10 seconds.



The Steed Mundus Stone Effects and Locations

Increases run speed by 5% & increases Health Recovery by 210 (7.625% with 7 Legendary Divine Traits)



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