Quest: A Tale Forever Told
Questgiver: Shandi
Level: 36
Location: Valeguard
Reward: Tonic of Accelerated Time, 494 gold
Retell the story of the Silvenar
There are three flowers: Wolfshead, Tigersbane, Bramblethorn, click on the appropriate one when a projection approaches to destroy it.
Video Guide: Click here

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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2017 17:44  

      Everyone I've seen trying to complete the quest is also having the same problem, including my friend. We've tried everything we can think of to try and fix it ourselves. Exiting and entering the cave, logging out and back in, abandoning the quest and restarting it, restarting the game and even leaving the island or area and doing quests before coming back. It's been very frustrating for us, we've been coming back and trying again for days now and we can't complete the island...

      • Anonymous

        A Tale Forever Told [ESO Wiki]04 Mar 2017 17:38  

        Exiting and entering the cave or logging out and back in isn't helping either. I've tried everything.

        • Anonymous

          25 Feb 2017 00:37  

          This quest is majorly bugged even after latest patch on Xbox1. I have abandoned and restarted to no avail

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