Quest: A Nord in Need
Questgiver: Battered Shield
Level: 32
Location: Dead Man’s Drop
Reward: 53 gold
Video Guide: Click here

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    • Anonymous

      Bugged PS416 Sep 2016 23:03  

      Apparently this is still bugged on the PS4. I attempted to do what the bug workaround as previously mentioned but it doesn't do anything. I've "rince and repeated" almost a dozen times and no Nord shows up for this blasted shield. I seriously wish ZOS would fix the bugged quests or just completely remove the bugged quests from the game until they have been fixed. I'm tired of getting them, this makes the 2nd one I've found that I cannot finish.

      • Anonymous

        Bug Workaround01 Sep 2016 08:18  

        Sometimes when you enter the area for the delivery of the shield the NPC does not show up. To fix this keep running south on the road. Then re-enter the area. Rinse and repeat. Took 3 tries for me. The NPC runs towards you when you enter the area I think he sometimes gets stuck or falls through the ground.

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