Holiday Events are seasonal celebrations in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). During special time periods, recurring and coinciding with real-life events, players will be able to participate in themed activities that yield special rewards.


What are ESO's Holiday Events?


ESO has seasonal events for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It also has special events to commmemorate the launch of DLC, expansions, and special happenings.


The Witches Festival (Halloween) - Running Sometime Fall 

  • 2020: October 22 – November 3
  • (2019: October 24th – November 11th)
  • (2018: October 18th – November 1st)
  • (2017: October 20th - November 1st)
  • (2016: October 13th - November 1st)


New Life Festival (New Year) - Running Sometime Winter

  • 2020: December 21 – January 5, 2021
  • (2019: December 19th - January 1st)
  • (2018: December 13th – January 2nd)
  • (2017: December 14th - January 2nd)
  • (2016: December 14th - January 4th)


Jester's Festival (Spring) - Running Sometime Spring

  • 2021: March 25th at 10AM EDT until Thursday, April 1 at 10AM EDT
  • (2020: March 26 — April 2)
  • (2018: March - April )
  • (2017: March 23rd - April 4th)


Midyear Mayhem (Summer & Winter)

  • (2020: June 25 — July 7)
  • (2020: January 23 — February 4)
  • (2019: Jan 10th ~ Jan 22nd)
  • (2018: July 26th - August 6th )
  • (2017: July 20th - July 31st)



Anniversary Event (April) - Running in April

  • 2021: April 1st 10AM EDT until April 14th 10:00AM EDT
  • 2020: April 2nd 10:00AM EDT until April 14th 10:00AM EDT
  • (2018: April 4th - April 18th)
  • (2017: April 4th - April 18th)


Undaunted Pledges Celebration Event

  • 2020: November 25 – December 12
  • (2020: January 9 — January 13, 2020)
  • (2019: November 14th – November 17th)
  • (2018: Nov 29th – Dec 5th)
  • Event Tickets for the Undaunted Celebration Event. Receive three tickets from the final boss of the first dungeon you complete that day on top of any normal rewards

ESO 10 Million Stories Dungeons Event:

  • Random Dungeons grant daily special rewards
  • (2017: Nov 30th - Dec 06th)

The Dawn of the Dragonguard Event:

  • (2019: November 26 at 10:00AM EST - December 9 at 10:00AM EST)


Summerset Celebration Event 2020

  • (July 23 — August 4, 2020)

Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event

  • 2020: September 23 -October 5








DLC Anniversary Events

All DLC events have the same bonuses: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drops, double rewards for World Bosses.

  • Orsinium DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering and motif drops in Wrothgar, Double rewards for Wrothgar World Boss and Delve quests.

  • Thieves Guild DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses

  • Dark Brotherhood DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses

  • Clockwork City DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses


How to get an Indrik Mount

  1. Collect Event Tickets by taking part in the event’s daily activities
  2. One Event Ticket can be earned from one activity per day.
  3. Collecting 10 Event Tickets will allow you to buy one Indrik Feather for that specific event from the merchant The Impresario.
  4. The Impresario can be found at their special booth in Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls and Vulkhel Guard in Auridon.
  5. Once you have collected all four feathers from each the end of year events, you can summon your very own Nascent Indrik mount!
  6. You can purchase multiple feathers and obtain multiple Indriks so you might evolve them. You can only have one Nascent Indrik mount at a time; you must evolve it before you can unlock a second one.


How to Evolve an Indrik Mount

  1. Participate in events and collect Event Tickets
  2. Some events give 2 event tickets, such as midyear mayhem
  3. Use 10 Event Tickets to buy a special Berry from the Impresario
  4. Each quarter, there are four different berries in a set that can be purchased; the first set are the Dawnwood Berries -- Bloom, Budding, Growth, and Ripeness. The Berries of Bloom will be available in the first event of the quarter, then the Berries of Budding will be added for the second event, etc. The set of Berries available during the second-quarter events will be Luminous Berries, but the same four types.
  5. Use a set of four Berries -- one of each -- to transform your mount. Once you have evolved your Nascent Indrik, you can use a set of four feathers, as described above, to obtain another Nascent Indrik, which you can evolve using a different set of berries. You can only have one of each type of evolved Indrik.


How to participate in ESO's Holiday Events?

During the event period, the Crown Store offers special items that must be used to trigger a special quest. Completing the quest will grant a unique buff allowing players to obtain special items through activities in Tamriel.

Some of the events are PvP-centric, and require access to DLC content such as the Imperial City or Morrowind's Battlegrounds.


Holiday Event Achievements & Rewards

The individual pages list all known achievements and rewards for participating in the events. During these events, player experience (or Alliance Points) gain is boosted by 100%.

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    • Anonymous

      Another BS event, MidYear 2020, with better explanations this time but, of course, that is meaningless if they aren't true. I spent many, many hours doing quests in Imperial City with 0 (ZERO) success getting my two daily event tickets. WHAT QUEST QUALIFIES? Daily quests don't unless some of them work and other don't. The Drake Quest worked once but not the 2nd day.
      Booooooooooooooo ZOS and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bethesda for selling out your name and reputation to a company that cares nothing at all for their customers.

      • Anonymous

        I Know how you feel , i've been waiting for my monthly crowns now since last month . I have contacted support numerous times only to get no responce back it's so fustrating . The only good thing about ESO Plus at the moment is the unlimited materials bag you get nothing else springs to mind. Where are you Zenimax when your loyal fan base needs you ................. ?

        • Anonymous

          Why is Customer Service so dismal for Events? Id est: Really poor explanations if any; Notifications if any. So, the spring Event is upon us. It is the last half of March and this Event could occur any day; yet there is no explanations yet. A couple Events ago, in the Crown Store there was an Event package and when you clicked on "more details," you got the response: "more details." lol Has Zenimax lost interest in their ESO Plus membership? As when a person first joins ESO Plus, that is when he should experience quality Customer Service. This is the most opportune time for a new player to use ESO Plus. Yet, he/I was totally lost when I joined ESO Plus as a new player of this game. I've now been playing almost 10 months and every day I get more and more frustrated with the lack of interest from Zenimax. In order to access the forums, there is a monthly fee or yearly or lifetime. There is NO response to bugs submitted to Zenimax. For the Character Creation screen, which is NOT WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), you have to pay crowns for every adjustment of your new character's looks, which is a Zenimax BUG. Can you imagine paying real money to correct a bug caused by the Owner of the game? First Impressions: In real life, the rule of thumb is that if you err on your first impression meeting someone, it takes 1.5 years of mostly perfect conduct to correct this mistake. Pay heed Zenimax as you are killing what you paid for: To Wit, Bethesda's fan base and popularity; especially at a time related to the current Pandemic (Coronavirus) where many are at home looking for games to play and many who would be playing ESO and paying for ESO Plus, just aren't going to do it. Regards,

          • Anonymous

            So what hapknes if you miss a couple of days air start the event late, you’ll miss out on the event tickets and will have to wait a whole year to get another one to get that Feather? Ridiculous

            • Anonymous

              ESO 10 Million Stories Dungeons Event, What a joke!! you maybe able to receive some nice rewards if they would have fixed the damn dungeon finder so you could actually get into a dungeon.

              • Anonymous

                Get ya'lls life together and launch the event. You had all year to prepare for this. And fix the cyrodiil load screen problems we been complaining about since 2014

                • Anonymous

                  I was wondering the same thing. I am also curious when they started, in the hopes there will be more holidays new this year that have not occurred in the past.

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