A Hidden Harvest
1 Skyshard, Where cliff-striders bask under golden rays in their den.
Point of Interest.pngAchievements / Books
Zainsipilu Explorer: 5 points - Explore and clear Zainsipilu

Zainsipilu is a delve located Northwest of Seyda Neen in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeon grants a quest and contains a Skyshard, Provisioning materials and several Books


Zainsipilu Map

Map Auridon Public Dungeons_small.jpg




Group Boss.pngBosses


Zvvius the Hive Lord
  • Location: At the southwest corner of the dungeon.
  • Strategy: ??
  • Possible Loot: ??


Ashalmawia  ♦  Forgotten Wastes  ♦  Khartag Point  ♦  Matus-Akin Egg Mine  ♦  Nchuleft  ♦  Nchuleftingth  ♦  Pulk

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    • Anonymous

      If you give him the notes and don't report, he rewards you directly with a Sugar-Hemp Sash and 314 Gold. I don't know what happens if you lie to him and report him. Someone will have to try and find out. Thank you!

      • Anonymous

        From what I can tell, unless you loot Zvvius before he falls over once he dies, its impossible to loot him

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