Witchmother's Whistle

Location Complete The Witchmother's Bargain during The Witches Festival

Witchmother's Whistle is a special item obtained during The Witches Festival event in Elder Scrolls Online, running in late October as a Holiday Event everyyear.


How to obtain Witchmother's Whistle

  • Go to the Crown Store and obtain the free whistle available during the event period.
  • Use the whistle and complete the quest The Witchmother's Bargain.
  • Use the quest reward "The Witchmother's Whistle" to summon a Witchmother's Cauldron. Interacting with the cauldron will turn you and your party into undeads, granting 100% increased experience and special boss rewards.


Witchmother's Whistle Effects

  • Applies a buff to the character, granting increased XP gain
  • Applies a buff to the character, granting special drops from Delve Bosses. (Defeat Delve Bosses (Dungeons in the landscape), Dolment Bosses and Elites to obtain special rewards called Plunder Skulls.)



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