welcome to cyrodiil




 3000 Alliance Points, 130 gold

welcome to cyrodiil is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

I've entered Cyrodiil, eager to help the [FACTION] win the war.



  • Depends on faction



  • At level 10, you will get an in-game message that states you can now enter Cyrodiil to PvP. 
    To get to Cyrodiil...

    • Press L to open your Alliance War window.
    • Go to the Campaign tab on the top right hand corner of the window
    • Select a Campaign to participate in (normally the same campaign that your guild is doing) and press E

    When you enter Cyrodiil, there will be an NPC that will teach you the basics. Speak to Arcarin to get the quest 'Welcome to Cyrodiil'. 
    You can choose to either talk to Viriniel to start the training or talk to Grand Warlord Sorcalin to skip the training. 
    After speaking to Viriniel, she will tell you to use the Transitus Shrine to travel to the Western Elswyer Gate. If you cannot see the big map when using the transitus shrine, disable your addons. 
    At the Western Elswyer Gate, speak to Fangil who will direct you to Zan. 
    Travel back to the Eastern Elswyer Gate, then head west towards the Siege Range. Turn in the quest to Zan. 




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