Unique Set Pieces(Daggerfall Covenant)

Sets Name Dropped by

Bloodthorn's Touch

Bloodthorn Bloodcaller Clogs  Grivier Bloodcaller, Balefire Island, Glenumbra
Bloodthorn Brooch Asard the Putrid,  North Shore Point, Glenumbra
Bloodthorn Crocodile Hide Gloves  Trapjaw, Trapjaw's Cove, Glenumbra
Bloodthorn Lilou's Curative Coif  Lilou, Mines of Khuras, Glenumbra

Hide of the Werewolf

Graufang's Werewolf Hide Belt  Graufang, Seaview Point, Glenumbra
Werewolf Hide Wolf's-Head Ring  Salazar the Wolf, The Wolf's Camp, Glenumbra
Werewolf Hide Everblooded Dagger  Valenwe, Cryptwatch Fort, Glenumbra
Werewolf's Hide Razor Sincano,  Silumm, Glenumbra

Wyrd Tree's Blessing

Limbscather's Branch of the Wyrd Tree Limbscather, Western Overlook, Glenumbra
Ebon Bone Staff of the Wyrd Tree The Ebon Lord, Ebon Crypt, Glenumbra
Odilon's Spectral Amulet of the Wyrd Tree  Odilon, Enduum, Glenumbra
Stormcommander of the Wyrd Tree Gaetane, Ilessan Tower, Glenumbra

Night Terror

Gar Xuu Gar's Axe of Night Terror Gar Xuu Gar, Abandoned Farm, Stormhaven
Dimitr's Leathers of Night Terror  Dimitri, Farangel's Delve, Stormhaven
Flame-Twist Blade of Night Terror  Nariam, Norvulk Ruins, Stormhaven
Bone-Handled Dirk of Night Terror  Uncle Bones, Pariah Catacombs, Stormhaven

Dreamer's Mantle

 Dreamer's Driftwood Staff  Brood Queen, Dreugh Waters, Stormhaven
 Dreamer's Cobweb-Laced Trousers  Old Widow Silk, Spider Nest, Stormhaven
 Dreamer's Bear-Hide Moccasins  Octavia, Bearclaw Mine, Stormhaven
Dreamer's Fine-Wrought Staff  Ariane, Portdun Watch, Stormhaven

Storm Knight's Plate

Storm-Summoner's Cops of the Storm Night  Zymel Kruz, Ancient Altar, Stormhaven
Carapace-Shaped Heater of the Storm Knight Titanclaw,  Mudcrab Beach, Stormhaven
Fang of Scrag of the Storm Knight Cousin Scrag, Scrag's Larder, Stormhaven
Girara's Fist of the Storm Knight  Girara, Koeglin Mine, Stormhaven



Darkstride Hatespinner Amulet Aesar the Hatespinner, Aesar's Web, Rivenspire
Darkstride Stoneskin Shield  Menhir Stoneskin, Valeguard Tower, Rivenspire
Darkstride Grimtooth's Annihilation Axe Grimtooth, Crestshade Mine, Rivenspire
Darkstride Alameric's Staff of Storms Aleameric Daillon,  Tribulation Crypt, Rivenspire


Siren's Call of Necropotence  Desuuga the Siren, Siren's Cove, Rivenspire
 Stroda's Orcish Coif of Necropotence Stroda gra-Drom, East-Rock Landing, Rivenspire
Miremonwe's Magicka Pendant of Necropotence Leidmir Corpse-Caller, Hildune's Secret Refuge, Rivenspire
Corpse-Caller's Fury of Necropotence  Fingaenion Forestsmasher, Orc's Finger Ruins, Rivenspire

Vampire Cloak

 Magdelena's Ancient Ring of the Vampire's Cloak Magdalena, Magdelena's Haunt, Rivenspire
Darkblood Staff of the Vampire's Cloak  Louna Darkblood, Old Kalgon's Keep, Rivenspire
Miruin's Devastation of the Vampire's Cloak  Miruin Woodwalker, Erokii Ruins, Rivenspire
 Fingaenion's Toe Gloves of the Vampire's Cloak  Fingaenion Forestsmasher, Orc's Finger Ruins, Rivenspire

Robes of the Withered Hand

Soul Kiss of the Withered Hand  Korignah, Forsaken Hearts Cave, Alik'r Desert
Charred Bone Staff of the Withered Hand Igazkad, Hag Camp, Alik'r Desert
King Haqmir's Bindings of the Withered Hand  Abal the Defiler, King's Rest, Alik'r Desert
Iridescent Dagger of the Withered Hand Mother Sands, Lost Caravan, Alik'r Desert
Oil-Stained Padding of the Withered Hand Thinks-in-Gears, Aldunz, Alik'r Desert
Senche-Pelt Blouse of the Withered Hand Mirudda, Sandblown Mine, Alik'r Desert


Sword-Singer's Backscratcher Lonely Papa, Giant Camp, Alik'r Desert
Sword-Singer's Sandgrubber Boots Tarrent Herano, Santaki, Alik'r Desert

Order of Diagna

Infused Buckler of the Order of Diagna Staada, Lesser Circle, Alik'r Desert
Bladethirst of the Order of Diagna Feremuzh, Coldrock Diggings, Alik'r Desert
Embossed Chausses of the Order of Diagna Nokhailaedaz, Divad's Chagrin Mine, Alik'r Desert
Charged Rod of the Order of Diagna Captain Candidus, Yldzuun, Alik'r Desert

Seventh Legion Brute

Seventh Legion's Lava-Charred Greaves  Dayarrus, Arlimahera's Sanctum, Bangkorai
Seventh Legion's Conjured Oath-Band  Caecilia Attius, Summoner's Camp, Bangkorai
Seventh Legion's Ayleid Breastplate  Zaman and Qumehdi, Telesubi Ruins, Bangkorai
Seventh Legion's The Wolfguard  Curnard the Generous, Viridian Watch, Bangkorai

Spriggan's Thorns Set

Spriggan's Bark-skinned Gages Woodblight, Blighted Isle, Bangkorai
Spriggan's Wolf-Jaw Garach Wolf-Father, Lakewatch Tower, Bangkorai
Spriggan's Thief-Lord's Slippers Ulbazar Thief-Lord, Crypt of the Exiles, Bangkorai
Spriggan's Centurion Breaker  Klathzgar's Centurion, Klathzgar, Bangkorai

Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord's Cold-Bite Nomeg Hyril, Nilata Falls, Bangkorai
Vampire Lord Edwyge's Coven Gown Lady Edwyge, Rubble Butte, Bangkorai
Vampire Lord Rune Charm Choker Lorogdu gra-Gulash, Torog's Spite, Bangkorai
Vampire Lord's Gnawed Staff Pale Squnque, Troll's Toothpick, Bangkorai

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