Unique Set Pieces(Aldmeri Dominion)

Sets Name Dropped by

Armor of the Veiled Heritance

Loyalist's Longbow of the Veiled Heritance Anarume, Heritance Proving Ground, Auridon
Snapjaw's Tooth of the Veiled Heritance Snapjaw, Heretic's Summons, Auridon
The Captain's Helm of the Veiled Heritance Captain Blanchete, Wreck of the Raptor, Auridon
Sea Greaves of the Veiled Heritance Camandar, Bewan, Auridon

Queen's Elegance

Elegant Serpent's Flame The Nestmother, Nestmother's Den, Auridon 
Elegant Deathcaller's Cowl Quendia, Norendo, and Eraman, Soulfire Plateau, Auridon
Elegant Bahkig's Purestaff Bakhig, Entila's Folly, Auridon
Elegant Wormtainted Kilt Nolonir, Wansalen, Auridon

Twin Sisters

Sea-Raider's Hood of the Twin Sisters Quenyas, Seaside Scarp Camp, Auridon 
Veiled Executioner of the Twin Sisters  Polinus, Del's Claim, Auridon
Spitescarred Leggings of the Twin Sisters Mati, Mehrunes' Spite, Auridon
Sea Serpent's Tooth of the Twin Sisters Aluvus, Ondil, Auridon

Ranger's Gait

Shagura's Staff of the Ranger Shagura, Hircine's Henge, Grahtwood
Poacher's Cuirass of the Ranger Otho Rufinus, Poacher Camp, Grahtwood
Belt of Vaulting of the Ranger Stormhead the Ravenous, Burroot Kwama Mine, Grahtwood
Tough Mining Boots of the Ranger Madruin, Vinedeath Cave, Grahtwood

Syrabane's Grip

Unfortunate Wanderer's Boots of Syrabane  Lady Solace, Lady Solace's Fen, Grahtwood
Thugrub's Bane of Syrabane Thugrub the Reformed, Thugrub's Cave, Grahtwood
Charging Chestpiece of Syrabane Sgolag, Mobar Mine, Grahtwood
Stunning Wormstaff of Syrabane Raynia, Wormroot Depths, Grahtwood

Green Pact

Nindaeril's Tooth of the Green Pact  Nindaeril the Monsoon and Bavura the Blizzard, Nindaeril's Perch, Grahtwood
Valanir's Lost Hope of the Green Pact Valanir the Restless, Valanir's Rest, Grahtwood
Time Buckler of the Green Pact Lieutenant Khari, Ne Salas, Grahtwood
Spiderstaff of the Green Pact Spider Queen, The Scuttle Pit, Grahtwood


Shadow Dancer's Raiment

Croc Hunter's Axe of the Shadow Dancer  Gathongor the Mauler, Gathongor's Mire, Greenshade
Rootwater Robes of the Shadow Dancer Heart of Rootwater, Rootwater Spring, Greenshade
Basri's Blade of the Shadow Dancer Overseer Basri, Barrow Trench, Greenshade
Retribution's Cowl of the Shadow Dancer Retribution, Gurzag's Mine, Greenshade

Beekeeper's Gear

Jahla's Shield of the Beekeeper Jahlasri, Maormer Camp, Greenshade
Storm Staff of the Beekeeper Zymel Etitan, Pelda Tarn, Greenshade
Beasthunter's Pauldrons of the Beekeeper Razorclaw, Harridan's Lair, Greenshade
Archmage Macano's Mace of the Beekeeper Archmage Camaano, Naril Nagaia, Greenshade

Wilderqueen's Arch

Maheelius' Hunting Vest of the Wilderqueen Maheelius, Reconnaissance Camp, Greenshade
Thodundor's Boots of the Wilderqueen Thodundor of the Hill, Thodundor's View, Greenshade
Urramaz's Shoulders of the Wilderqueen Urrumaz the Terrifying, Carac Dena, Greenshade
Lamiascale Bow of the Wilderqueen Domina Ssaranth, The Underroot, Greenshade


Waterlogged Chestpiece of Salvation  Thjormar the Drowned, Bitterpoint Strand, Malabal Tor
Belt of the Waylaid Traveler of Salvation Dugan the Red,  Dugan's Knoll, Malabal Tor
Commander's Signet of Salvation Commander Faldethil, River Edge, Malabal Tor
Dead Man's Ring of Salvation Captain Shammin, Dead Man's Drop, Malabal Tor

Spinner's Garment's

Spinner's Fractured Femur Bone Grappler,  Bone Grappler's Nest, Malabal Tor
Spinner's Sea Tamer's Torc Talatta the Lustrous,  Jagged Grotto, Malabal Tor
Spinner's Skullbreaker Skullbreaker, Windshriek Strand, Malabal Tor
Spinner's Sapstung Helmet Blackvine Strangler, Black Vine Ruins, Malabal Tor

Thunderbug's Carpace

Thunderbug Carapace Bugslayer Oghezai,  Hoarvor Pit, Malabal Tor
Thunderbug Carapace Quicksilver Axe Adavos Dren,  Roots of Silvenar, Malabal Tor
Thunderbug Carapace Boots of Clomping Arrai, Shael Ruins, Malabal Tor
Thunderbug Carapace Heretic's Necklace Gwaeregil, Tomb of the Apostates, Malabal Tor

Skooma Smuggler

Smuggler's Devouring Earth Greatstaff Ravenous Loam and Dirge of Thorns,  Deathsong Cleft, Reaper's March
Smuggler's Vestments of Jode's Light Yenadar, Jode's Light, Reaper's March
Smuggler's Excruciatus Staff Worm Eremite, Thibaut's Cairn, Reaper's March
Smuggler's Gloves of Three Mercies Queen of Three Mercies, Waterdancer Falls, Reaper's March

Senche's Bite

Crocmother Fang of the Senche  Ysolmarr the Roving Pyre, Old S'ren-ja Docks, Reaper's March
Niramo's Gravegloves of the Senche Gravecaller Niramo,  Reaper's Henge, Reaper's March
Fishbreath's Leathers of the Senche Fishbreath, Claw's Strike, Reaper's March
Limb-Render of the Senche Limbrender, Kuna's Delve, Reaper's March


Big Ozur's Ogre Grips of Soulshine Big Ozur,  Big Ozur's Valley, Reaper's March
The Overlord's Sun Shield of Soulshine  Overlord Nur-dro, Ushmal's Rest, Reaper's March
Ex-Legionaire's Breastplate of Soulshine Ravo Peltrasius, Fardir's Folly, Reaper's March
Nimriian's Shortblade of Soulshine Nimriian, Weeping Wind Cave, Reaper's March


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