Unearthing the Past


Grimfield, Ayleid Sanctuary


Kingsguard Hammer
Very High Leveled Gold

Unearthing the Past is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

This quest is one of three quests within The Bloodthorn Plot quest one must complete to proceed. The Bloodthorn Cult has invaded an ancient Breton graveyard and is raising zombies. The Seamount Orcs are concerned but are waiting for reinforcements. "



  • Rozag gro-Khazun on the outskirts of Grimfield



  • Investigate the central crypt.
  • Recharge the Staff of Arkay.
  • Defeat the Abominations.
  • Talk to King Renwic.
  • Find out how to enter the Inner Sanctuary.
  • Return to King Renwic.






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