Unearthing the Past is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Unearthing the Past Bestowal

" This quest is one of three quests within The Bloodthorn Plot quest one must complete to proceed. The Bloodthorn Cult has invaded an ancient Breton graveyard and is raising zombies. The Seamount Orcs are concerned but are waiting for reinforcements. "



  • Investigate Central Crypt
  • Talk to Frederique Lynielle
  • Collect Staff of Arkay
  • Talk to Crafty Lerisa
  • Gather Motes to Charge Staff
  • Summon Abominations with Staff of Arkay
  • Kill Abomination of Hate
  • Logged Out
  • Kill Abomination of Wrath
  • Kill Abomination of Fear
  • Talk to King Renwic
  • Enter Renwic's Vision
  • Talk to Hunt-Wife Othikha
  • Talk to Drago Auberdine
  • Talk to Queen Nurese
  • Talk to Princess Visanne
  • Talk to Warchief Yzzgol
  • Turn Right Runestone
  • Turn Left Runestone
  • Enter Ruin Interior
  • Confront King Renwic
  • Return to the Present
  • Retrieve Staff
  • Learn How to Reach Renwic
  • Learn Renwic's Plan

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