Undaunted Key

Undaunted Key

This golden key is inset with jewels, shaped to form the Undaunted crest. Bring to the Undaunted Enclave to claim your reward!

Undaunted Key is a type of currency in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is used to purchase items from the Undaunted Pledge Masters found in the Alliance Capitals.


Undaunted Key Uses

  • Purchase various Dungeon Coffers from Pledge Masters which contain set pieces from the associated Group Dungeons.
  • See Undaunted for more info.


Where to find Undaunted Key

  • Undaunted Keys are rewarded for completing Group Dungeon Pledges which are a type of repeatable Daily Quest.
  • Completing a pledge awards one key. Completing a pledge on Veteran Hard Mode awards two keys.


Undaunted Key Notes

  • Notes and other info go here


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