Transmutation Station is a special location added to ESO with the Clockwork City DLC that enables players to alter the Traits on their Weapons and Armor if they have the required Research and a Transmute Crystal.

  • See the Transmutation page for an explanation of how this works.


Where is the Transmutation Stationeso-transmutation-station-location-clockwork-city

The game-provided Transmutation Station requires you to own the Clockwork City DLC and to travel to the Brass Fortress within the Clockwork City. A special icon denotes the "Hall of Refined Techniques" and the station. 


How to Transmute Items Without Clockwork City

  • You can also purchase a Transmutation Station by completing Master Writs and placing it within your house. This makes stations available for players without the DLC as they may visit the residences of other players.
  • You can purchase a Transmutation Station for Player Housing from the Crown Store.

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