Transmutation Station is a special location added to ESO with the Clockwork City DLC that enables players to alter the Traits on their Weapons and Armor if they have the required Research and a Transmute Crystal.

  • See the Transmutation page for an explanation of how this works.


Where is the Transmutation Stationeso-transmutation-station-location-clockwork-city

The game-provided Transmutation Station requires you to own the Clockwork City DLC and to travel to the Brass Fortress within the Clockwork City. A special icon denotes the "Hall of Refined Techniques" and the station. 


How to Transmute Items Without Clockwork City

  • You can also purchase a Transmutation Station by completing Master Writs and placing it within your house. This makes stations available for players without the DLC as they may visit the residences of other players.
  • You can purchase a Transmutation Station for Player Housing from the Crown Store.

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      From the Transmutation page: "Players can only transmute gear that belongs to themselves or are not yet bound. When you transmute an item, it will be bound to you. This means that you cannot ask someone to transmute an item for you."

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