Timedawn's DPS Templar Build for the Elder Scrolls Online. Submitted by redditor Timedawn.

This is a build I recently started. (hope it helps new players a little bit)

Templar DPS build:
  • Solo PvE/Group PvE
  • Main resource: Stamina
  • Weapons: 2h and bow
  • Gear: 7 medium with health or stamina (you can add some magicka in there as well if you want to be able to spam blazing shield more though health is most likely better since it means the shield will be able to absorb more).
  • Attribute points: 1 magicka, 2 health, 3 stamina
  • Race: wood elf

Skill bars

2h weapons (when fighting groups of mobs)

How it works

Buff up with rally ,Start with critical rush at max range, activate blazing shield, use heavy and let it cancel into biting jabs.
spam the heavy into jabs cancel, keep shield and rally up. use reverse slice to finish a mob which also deals damage to nearby mobs. Are you running low on health? transform to werewolf activate its heal and feed on enemies. Low on stamina? switch to bow and use the repentance skill.
Heavy into biting jabs cancel works as following: you spend less time with the animations while dealing the same amount of damage and its realy easy to use. Just hold your basic attack button and press biting jabs the moment the heavy starts to play its animation. (never let go of the heavy attack button)

Skill bars

bow (for single target damage)
  • Focused aim
  • vampire's bane/reflective light (depending on which you prefer: slow one enemy for longer + longer dots or slow multiple enemies at once) Bow is more for single target dps so vampire's bane would be the better choice but its all up to you.
  • poison injection
  • evil hunter
  • repentance
  • flawless dawnbreaker or Practiced Incantation/remembrance(dawnbreaker for extra passive damage, if you want more sustain you can take the healing ult Practiced Incantation/remembrance it helps your team and you out a lot if you are about to die. remembrance is great for both solo and group, Practiced incantation is better when you have somebody to keep the mob(s) away from you so can can safely heal yourself and others)

How it works:

You dont even need to use evil hunter, it gives you a passive crit while being slotted. but when active you recover some stamina (only when fighting undead ,deadra and werewolfs I believe, the tooltip in game might be wrong) Start with focused aim from sneak, use vampire's bane, use poisen injection, use a mix focused aim and light attacks until your dots run out apply your dots again if they run out and keep on spamming lights and focused aim.

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