Time in Doomcrag's Shadow


Ceporah Tower, Rivenspire


Unidentified Summerset Feet Armor
Average Leveled Gold

Time in Doomcrag's Shadow is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

Even with all eight fragments of the Staff of Towers collected, time breaches continue to open all across Tamriel. I must seal a new cluster of these rifts in the land of Rivenspire.





  • Talk to Loremaster Celarus in the main hall of Ceporah Tower.
  • Talk to Josajeh and take the Psijic Map of Rivenspire.
  • The map with red crosses on it will lead you to the time breaches to seal them. The map remains in your inventory, under Quest category. (Psijic Portals)
  • Travel back to Artaeum and talk to Loremaster Celarus.
  • Talk to Loremaster Celarus.




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