Thoughts of the Honored Assistant

Thoughts of the Honored Assistant
Collection Clockwork Mnemonix

Thoughts of the Honored Assistant is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Clockwork Mnemonix


Where to find Thoughts of the Honored Assistant

      • Slag Town Outlaws Refuge (after completing Cogs of Fate)



Thoughts of the Honored Assistant Content

To best ascertain and determine the needs of the residents of the Clockwork City, Lord Sotha Sil commanded me to create a series of factotums for the express purpose of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting social and environmental information in order to accurately predict trends and demands of the populace. As the first model created, the Clockwork Analyst was designed for the primarily menial task of collecting and analyzing data relevant to the citizens of the Brass Fortress. This first generation analysis model factotum specializes in counting births and deaths, tracking residents and registered visitors, and recording illnesses, wealth, and social factors necessary to predict trends in the settlement. Once the concept is fully tested and vetted, we shall expand the project to the rest of the Clockwork City. The pass phrase for interacting with this factotum's memory core is Magus commands you. Taking everything we learned with the first generation factotum, we next created the second generation prognostication model. This factotum could take the data collected by the analyst and use that information to make accurate predictions concerning the wants and needs of the citizens. In this way, Sotha Sil could anticipate the needs of his guests and satisfy them before they ever realized they had any outstanding wants to gratify. During the process, however, a flaw developed in the prognostication model's sequential analytical processor assembly. The predictions it provided regarding certain individuals went far beyond mere statistical analysis and ventured into the realm of actual prophecy. This flaw was first noticed after the Magus himself tinkered with the mechanism, so we cannot be certain that this was not what Sotha Sil intended. But the Master has vanished again. I shall store the prognostication factotum in the valley outside the Brass Fortress and lock this prophetic mode with the pass phrase: Prime sequence eleven, thirteen, seventeen. That should keep unauthorized prophesying to a minimum until the Master returns and I can ask for guidance regarding his intentions.


Clockwork Mnemonix
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