Thieves Guild Skills in Elder Scrolls Online were added with the Thieves Guild DLC. This line is unlocked by starting and completing the Quest: Partners in Crime. You gain experience in this line by committing crimes on the guild job board, completing heists, and aiding your guildmates.



Finders Keepers

Rank I - Thieves Guild Rank 1

Thieves Troves are caches that are located all over Tamriel.

They can only be opened by members of the Thieves Guild.


Swiftly Forgotten

Rank I - Thieves Guild Rank 2

Bounty is decreased by 46 after 3 minutes.

Heat is decreased by 36 after 3 seconds.

Rank II - Thieves Guild Rank 5

Bounty is decreased by 69 after 3 minutes.

Heat is decreased by 46 after 3 seconds.

Rank III - Thieves Guild Rank 8

Bounty is decreased by 92 after 3 minutes.

Heat is decreased by 55 after 3 seconds.

Rank IV - Thieves Guild Rank 11

Bounty is decreased by 115 after 3 minutes.

Heat is decreased by 64 after 3 seconds.



Rank I - Thieves Guild Rank 3

Increases value of items sold at a fence by 2%.

Rank II - Thieves Guild Rank 6

Increases value of items sold at a fence by 4%.

Rank III - Thieves Guild Rank 9

Increases value of items sold at a fence by 7%.

Rank IV - Thieves Guild Rank 12

Increases value of items sold at a fence by 10%. Does not apply to Laundering.



Rank I - Thieves Guild Rank 4 

When a Guard accosts you, you may use Clemency once per day. If used, the Guard will not arrest you or take your money and stolen goods.

Additionally, Guards will not attempt to accost you for 1 minute after you use Clemency unless you commit other crimes.



Timely Escape

Rank I - Thieves Guild Rank 7

When you have a bounty and are in combat, you have a chance to spot a "Footpad" in a town with a Refuge.

Interacting with the Footpad will transport the player safely into the nearest Refuge.


Veil of Shadows

Rank I - Thieves Guild Rank 10

Decreases the detection range of Witnesses and Guards by 10%. Witnesses are thus less likely to notice crimes, while Guards won't challenge until they get closer.






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