The Thieve's Guild is an NPC guild in Elder Scrolls Online

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The southern peninsula of Hammerfell is a hub of illegal activity, and its wilderness is equally inhospitable. After you've familiarized yourself with Hew's Bane, the new zone featured in the Thieves Guild DLC game pack, read on to arm yourself with the basics in our latest guide!

Reaching Hew's Bane

A Life of Crime
When you purchase the Thieves Guild DLC game pack from the Crown Store, there are two ways to get started. You can either get a quest directly from your Collections UI by selecting the DLC option, or visit any Outlaws Refuge in Tamriel where you will find Quen, who will grant you the first quest “Partners in Crime."
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Once you complete the quest, you will find yourself in Abah's Landing, the main city in Hew's Bane.

Activities in Thieves Guild

Visit Abah's Landing
The town of Abah's Landing is a haven for illicit activities, and is run by a few elite merchant barons who employ mercenaries to enforce their version of law.
When you reach Abah's Landing in your travels, you'll be able to visit numerous iconic locations such as a Manor District, a shipwrights area filled with large warehouses, an open-air waterfront bazaar, and a slum district on the outskirts of the city.
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Profit from Criminal Activity
An all-new Larceny System consists of repeatable criminal activity missions with a variety of different goals, but you'll need to be sneaky and quick in order to succeed! Go to the mission boards located in the Thieves Guild Hideout to accept variety of different missions that can take you all over Tamriel. Included is a new mission type called “heists" which allow you to trespass in various locations around Hew's Bane – for these, you'll need to avoid traps and remain unseen during your thievery, but if you are successful, you'll be handsomely rewarded. Speak to Fa'Ran-dar, the nearby master of heists, to get started!
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Visit New Delves and Defeat Challenging World Bosses
Be sure to explore Bahraha's Gloom, a despoiled Yokudan tomb in the northwestern area of Hew's Bane, and Shark's Teeth Grotto, a delve overrun with pirate crews, in the southwest.
For additional challenges, you and a group of friends can test your might against Syvarra of the Deep, an intimidating Lamia located in a flooded temple, or Captain Virindi Slave-Taker, a Maomer boss who lives up to her name!
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Venture into the Maw of Lorkhaj
An ancient Khajiiti shrine known as the Temple of Seven Riddles has been claimed by the dro-m'Athra—ancient, moon-hating spirits from the heart of the Great Darkness. The monks residing within the temple, led by Moon Bishop Kulan-dro, have all been corrupted and possessed. Now they lurk within the shadows of the Temple, preparing to spread their dark influence to the Khajiit of Elsweyr and beyond. Your group has been called to help in banishing the dro-m'Athra and reseal the boundary between Mundus and the dark realm of Namiira.
To enter Maw of Lorkhaj, you can either travel to Reaper's March and navigate toward the POI, south of Do'Krin Monastery, or enter straight from Abah's Landing from the harbor. Good luck!
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Rewards in the Thieves Guild DLC Game Pack

  • Collect powerful new item sets including four new sets from Maw of Lorkhaj, a new craftable set, and two non-crafted sets.
  • Gain an assistant from supporting the Thieves Guild's endeavors in Abah's Landing.
  • Learn three new crafting motifs, found exclusively in Thieves Guild through completing delves and world bosses.
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Other Tips

  • Participate in all of the Thieves Guild content no matter what level you are, even if you've just left the Wailing Prison—your character will be battle-leveled, and will be able to group up and compete with the most experienced of players.
  • Partake in a variety of criminal activities—you'll be able to trespass into off-limit areas, perform mischievous acts such as vandalism and forgery, discover secret possessions behind hidden panels, and more! Some of these repeatable missions will even take you outside of Hew's Bane and back to other areas of Tamriel.
  • Show off the latest goodies—get the stoic Hammerfell Camel and preposterous Kindlespit Dragon Frog pet from the Crown Store, or flaunt the new Thieves Guild-themed costume.

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