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The Wyrd Tree's Roots is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Wyrd Tree's Roots Bestowal

The Beldama Wyrd want to use the roots of the Wyrd Tree to help the villagers get away. But the same corruption that caused all this trouble has sapped the roots of their power.


Wyress Mantle

93 Gold
(?) Gold
302 Gold

(?) XP
(?) VP
9121 VP


  • Talk to Wyress Jehanne at Deleyn's Mill. When she asks you to help her again, agree to do so.
  • Nourish the Wyrd Roots with pure life essence. Go south around the mill kill the Spriggan near the root, then go north and kill the next Spriggan near the root by some logs. Last, go northeast past the house and kill the final Spriggan to nourish the root.
  • Return to Wyress Jehanne for your reward.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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