The Venom of Ahknara is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Venom of Ahknara Bestowal

" Covenant troops have killed Captain Hjolm of Fort Arand, and they're threatening the safety of the recruits within the fort. Captain Llaari hatched a plan to respond to the threat. "


Ahknara's Silent Slippers
114 Gold
302 Gold


  • Get Blinding Light Flasks
  • Find and Kill Assassins
  • Search for Assassins near Slain Soldiers
  • Investigate the Eastern Tower
  • Talk to Strikes-from-Shadows
  • Activate Second Plate
  • Activate Third Plate
  • Activate Fourth Plate
  • Talk to Strikes-from-Shadows
  • Kill Ahknara
  • Use the Trapdoor
  • Talk to Captain Llaari

Prerequisite Quest

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