Trial of the Ghost Snake is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Trial of the Ghost Snake Bestowal

"Farseer Bodani has placed the fate of Raston Vendil in my hands. I agreed to undertake a trial and see if the Ghost Snake will counsel me on this matter."



  • Gather Rats in the Bog
  • Place the Offering at the Fang Spires
  • Talk to the Ghost Snake
  • Defeat the Shadow Snake
  • Seek the Ghost Snake's Advice
  • Talk to the Farseer
  • Retrieve the Snake Totem
  • Give Snake Totem to the Farseer
  • Talk to Tevynni Hedran
  • Talk to Iru-Ahan
  • Talk to Raston
  • Talk to Gulakhan Harrinat
  • Tell Bodani Your Decision
  • Suggest Something Else

Prerequisite Quest

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