The Storm's Call


Malabal Tor, Ilayas Ruins, Stormwarden Undercroft


Cuirass of Storms
High Leveled Gold

The Storm's Call is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Maormer Sea Vipers invaded Ilayas Ruins, searching for a weather-controlling relic called the Sphere of Storms. I've been asked to help the stormwardens defend the sphere until reinforcements arrive.



  • Mariel the Ironhand on the western road;
    Atirr on the eastern road



  • Find the Sky-Key in the Maormer camp.
  • Go to the ruin entrance.
  • Find the Stormwarden Sanctuary.
  • Activate: In order - The tower, the mage, the lady, the thief.
  • Enter the Stormwarden Sanctuary.
  • Talk to Stormwardens.
  • Collect 2 Thunderstones from the Storm Atronachs.
  • Place Thunderstones in the receptacles. (Southern and Northern)
  • Leave the Main Chamber (Talk to master Stormwarden Faranwe).
  • Kill Firras.
  • Leave Llayas Ruin (Optional: Talk to master Stormwarden Faranwe, use secret door)
  • Talk to Mariel the Ironhand near Llayas ruins.




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