The Serpent's Beacon




First Mate's Leathers
High Leveled Gold

The Serpent's Beacon is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online

Quest Information

Maormer pirates took the lighthouse at South Beacon and are signalling more pirate ships to come into port. If they're not stopped, they'll have the numbers they need to move on the port of Vulkhel Guard.



  • Legionary Tanacar, Legionary Artaste, Legionary Mincarione



  • Rescue Captain Ciranya from the Sea Viper camp.
  • Free the three other captive members of Ciranya's patrol.
  • Collect the materials needed for a potent fire-bomb.
  • Acquire a rune from a Sea Viper to pass through the warded lighthouse entrance.
  • Ascend the lighthouse and burn the beacon.
  • Escape from the tower.




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