Skyshards in The Rift. This page shows all skyshards in the The Rift Region

The Rift Skyshards
Total Skyshards 16
Landscape: 9
Underground: 7
Dungeon: 7


  1. Braced against wind near the mine. - North of Northwind Mine Wayshrine
  2. Be Shor to search all over the Stone. - Northeast of Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine next to Fallowstone Vault, north of the town of Shor’s Stone
  3. Nearly discovered by a mauled stablehand. - North of Ragged Hills Wayshrine
  4. Cultists' prize near Ragged Hills. - Southeast of Ragged Hills Wayshrine in a group of Worm Cultists
  5. Scour the crags near Avanchnzel. - South of Honrich Tower Wayshrine
  6. South where worms swarm the barrow. - South of Taarengrav Wayshrine
  7. A prospect found. - North of Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine
  8. Walk above the clouds. - North of Trolhetta Wayshrine. Need to do A Walk Above the Clouds to get to the skyshard.
  9. Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall. - North of Rift Wayshrine
  10. Clank of gears and hiss of steam. - Inside Avanchnzel (solo dungeon)
  11. Guarded by bears in the hollow. - Inside Broken Helm Hollow (solo dungeon)
  12. Deep in the roots of the tooth. - Inside Faldar's Tooth (solo dungeon)
  13. Where green grows in the fort's wall. - Inside Fort Greenwall (solo dungeon)
  14. Take a shrouded approach. - Inside Shroud Hearth Barrow (solo dungeon)
  15. Tread carefully; don't break a leg. - Inside Snapleg Cave (solo dungeon)
  16. Protected by wraiths in a beast's den. - Inside Lion’s Den (public dungeon)


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