The Queen's Decree




Sash of the Psijic Order
Average Leveled Gold

The Queen's Decree is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

Queen Ayrenn ordered the once-forbidden island of Summerset to open its borders and welcome outsiders to its expansive shores. Razum-dar, an agent of the Queen, has come to the island to make sure the decree is followed to the letter. [if you start quest from Calibar or Razum-dar]


Queen Ayrenn requests your aid in important matters in the newly opened province of Summerset Isle. A boat leaves regularly from most major cities. Seek out the Eye of the Queen, Razum-dar, when you reach the beautiful city of Shimmerene. [if you start quest from the Collections menu]





  • Travel to Summerset
  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Talk to Rhanul
  • Talk to Tsoxolza
  • Talk to Olnewil
  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Enter the Monastery of Serene Harmony
  • Investigate the Monastery
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Investigate the Undercroft
  • Free the Prisoner
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Find the Missing Prisoners
  • Defend Valsirenn
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Escape the Undercroft
  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Attend the Kinlady's Meeting
  • Talk to Aldarch Tilcalar (optional)
  • Talk to Kinlady Avinisse
  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Meet Valsirenn at the Coral Forest
  • Search the Coral Forest
  • Confront Aldarch Tilcalar
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Travel to Artaeum
  • (unmarked) Confront Kinlady Avinisse
  • Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis




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      if only the stupid Kinlady would talk to me, her OR that Aldarch. both em just standing there forever, making the quest un-finishable
      yah, this is fun...

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