The Perils of Diplomacy




Queen's Own Cuirass of the Trainee
Very High Leveled Gold

The Perils of Diplomacy is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The Aldmeri Dominion seeks to secure the loyalty of Khenarthi's Roost, but an old treaty with the Maormer prevents this.



  • Razum-dar



  • Meet Razum-dar at the entrance of Mistral, or at The Boatman's Tail Inn.
  • Speak with Vicereeve Pelidil, the Silvenar, Ulondil, and Harrani.
  • Sneak into the Maormer Embassy and find a way into Ulondil's private quarters.
  • Collect the treaty and bring it to Razum-dar.
  • Meet with the Silvenar and the Green Lady.
  • Investigate Mistral to find out who the assassin is.
  • Inform Razum-dar and the Green Lady of your evidence.
  • Find the assassin and the man behind it all, then decide whether to kill or spare him.




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