The One That Got Away


Hew's Bane


Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Weapon
Pirharri the Smuggler
302 Gold
10 Thieves Guild Reputation

The One That Got Away is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

A matter involving Nicolas requires the guild's attention, and Zeira wants me to handle it personally.



  • Note from Zeira in the Thieves Den



  • Meet Zeira inside the Hew's Mane inn in Abah's Landing.
  • Travel to the tavern in Marbruk (Greenshade), Shornhelm (Rivenspire), or Stormhold (Shadowfen).
  • Speak to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq and obtain the key to his strongbox, located at the same location.
  • Speak to Bellulor Chatterbeak in the local Outlaws Refuge.
  • Travel to the wayshrine near Haven (Grahtwood), Aswala Stables (Alik'r Desert), or Tal'Deic Fortress (Deshaan).
  • Use the nearby rowboat to travel to manor house across the water.
  • Speak with Volunidai.
  • Find the entrance to manor's cellar.
  • Locate and confront your quarry.
  • Return to Hew's Mane and inform Zeira of your actions.



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