The Mournhold Underground is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Mournhold Underground Bestowal

"I used the key to search the House Dres farmhouses outside Mournhold. I found a suspicious-looking trap door hidden under a rug. Naryu thinks we'll discover a connection to the Maulborn down there."



  • Enter the Trap Door
  • Follow Naryu
  • Talk to Naryu(Hint)
  • Follow Naryu Into the Sewers
  • Search for the Hidden Door
  • Open the Hidden Door
  • Loosen the Stuck Lever(Hidden)
  • Talk to Naryu
  • Find Whoever Activated the Wards
  • Defeat the Maulborn Assault
  • Go to the Mages Guild
  • Talk to an Ordinator
  • Talk to an Ordinator

Prerequisite & Next Quest

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