Maelstrom Arena is a solo progressive challenge in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located Wrothgar.

Maelstrom Arena Information

  • Location: Wrothgar
  • Suggested Level: ??
  • Final Boss:??
  • Achievements: ?


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Walkthrough & Strategies

Maelstrom Arena is a single-player progressive challenge located in the northeastern mountains of Wrothgar. To enter the Maelstrom Arena, simply travel to Orsinium and navigate to the arena's POI icon on the map. You can also directly travel into the Maelstrom Arena via the fast-travel network by selecting its map icon.

Once inside, you'll need to battle your way through nine arenas, all with a different theme. You'll be thrown into Sheogorath's Realm to face-off against Dark Seducers and Golden Saints, fight Lamia and Argonians in a Murkmire-themed arena while avoiding electrified water, balance on rickety icebergs in a Wrothgar-themed arena while avoiding giants and trolls, and more! You'll also want to pay particular attention to your surroundings as there may be ways to use the environment or certain features to your advantage.

While fighting to survive, you can get an edge by taking advantage of four different types of Sigils that appear in each arena. They're easily identified as floating blue icons on the arena floor. To use a Sigil, simply walk near it and the Synergy prompt will appear. Press your Synergy key or button, and the Sigil will be activated, providing you with a powerful, temporary buff. Sigils will re-spawn between each round within an arena, so don't be afraid to use them! The Sigils that will be available to you include:

  • Sigil of Defense: Grants damage reduction to all attacks, and reflects physical- and spell-based ranged attacks.
  • Sigil of Haste: Grants increased resource regeneration and the Major Expedition buff.
  • Sigil of Healing: Grants you a powerful heal over time.
  • Sigil of Power: Grants increased weapon power.

Once you reach Veteran Rank 16, you will qualify for the Maelstrom Arena leaderboards. There are leaderboards for every class, and at the end of each week the top 100 players of each class will be granted special rewards via in-game mail.
Points for the Maelstrom Arena leaderboards are rewarded in multiple ways:
  • You will be granted points every time you complete an arena.
  • The Sigils that appear in each arena can bestow special powers, but each round that you survive without using a Sigil will grant you bonus points.
  • If you complete the Maelstrom Arena in full (all nine arenas) within 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will be granted additional points. Faster times net increased point gains.

In addition to competing against other players to be the best on the leaderboards, there are also new item sets available specifically to the Maelstrom Arena that you can receive in both the Normal and Veteran versions. You can also obtain unique weapon and jewelry sets in Veteran Maelstrom Arena, similar to Veteran Dragonstar Arena.


Maelstrom Arena Rewards

the_maelstroms_axe.jpg the_maelstroms_sword.jpg the_maelstroms_mace.jpg the_maelstroms_dagger.jpg
the_maelstroms_greatsword.jpg the_maelstroms_maul.jpg the_maelstroms_battle_axe.jpg the_maelstroms_bow.jpg
the_maelstroms_inferno_staff.jpg the_maelstroms_restoration_staff.jpg

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