The Lost Library




Andule's Cuirass of the Defiler
Vvardenfell Scale Model
Average Leveled Gold

The Lost Library is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

The miniature model of Vvardenfell is nearly complete. One section remains missing, which Librarian Bradyn believes is the key to finding the lost Library of Andule.



  • Librarian Bradyn



  • Find the Lost Library
  • Explore the Library
  • Light the Brazier of Knowledge
  • Light the Brazier of Wisdom
  • Enter the Ancient Vaults
  • Retrieve Indoril Genealogy
  • Retrieve Redoran Genealogy
  • Retrieve Hlaalu Genealogy
  • Retrieve Dres Genealogy
  • Read House Histories for Clues
  • Retrieve Telvanni Genealogy
  • Return to the Librarian in Vivec City
  • Talk to Librarian Bradyn




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