The Little Alkosh's Log

The Little Alkosh's Log
Collection Final Words

The Little Alkosh's Log is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Final Words


Where to find The Little Alkosh's Log

      • Southwest of the Shattered Shoals inside a half-buried and broken ship stern.



The Little Alkosh's Log Content

Entry 1 Lord Gharesh-ri honors us with our inclusion in the Dominion's Gold Fleet! We are to join the Rusty Claw, Mara's Teat, and the Prowler in the Haven to embark a contingent of Wood Elf marines. Entry 2 Made port in Haven under cover of night. Associates offloaded our cargo before Lieutenant Gelin and his soldiers. We disembarked leaving a hold full of rats and Mer. The Wood Elves don't seem to mind. I watched one dig into the vermin with relish. I must pray to Khenarthi for strong winds. There are only so many rats. Entry 3 Religious beliefs are one thing, but if any more Bosmer complain about our ship being made of wood, I'll invite them to swim to Khenarthi's Roost. Entry 4 Met up with this Gold Fleet. It's a fleet to be sure, but the only gold here was spent constructing it. So many ships! It's a wonder they don't become tangled like ja'Khajiit at play. Entry 5 The Wood Elves are amicable enough, but the High Elves are less than pleased with our presence. One wonders why they asked us here at all. The fleet sighted an unknown vessel on the horizon. We offered to pursue, but the High Elves insisted one of theirs should go after it. Nothing found, of course. Our ships may not be polished to a brilliant sheen, but they are fast. Had they listened, we'd have known who shadowed the fleet. Entry 6 Storm. Thunder. Death. Abandoning ship with all hands. S'rendarr watch over us.


Final Words
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