The Jewel of Baan Dar




Sandstorm Mask
High Leveled Gold

The Jewel of Baan Dar is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Elsweyr DLC.

Quest Information

I crossed paths with a scoundrel named Jakarn. He invited me to join him on a job that could make us both rich. Unfortunately, some seedy Khajiit are intent on stopping him.



  • Jakarn



  • Talk to Jakarn at the Sugar Bowl
  • Find Tu'heiba's Location
  • Talk to Jakarn
  • Talk to Tu'heiba and Daizaba
  • Find the Slave Trader's Ledger
  • Talk to Tu'heiba
  • Talk to Jakarn
  • Enter the Tangle
  • Find Fez'skar
  • Talk to Fez'skar
  • Find the Trapper's Key
  • Talk to Fez'skar
  • Extort Fez'skar or Free Fez'skar
  • Disarm the Spike Plate
  • Wait for Fez'skar
  • Talk to Jakarn
  • Search the Stitches for Fez'skar
  • Watch Fez'skar
  • Talk to Jakarn
  • Go to Goiter's Gulp
  • Talk to Tu'heiba
  • Talk to Jakarn




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