The Hound's Men


Malabal Tor, Deepwoods, Starwalk Cavern


Dagger of the Green Sister
High Leveled Gold

The Hound's Men is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

The Green Lady's sister, Lanwaen, may have been kidnapped from Deepwoods, a village famous for being the birthplace of several previous incarnations of the Green Lady as well.



  • Rondor at the west entrance;
  • Henilien at the east entrance;
  • Thamenarth near Falinesti



  • Talk to Treethane Nilara.
  • Search for Haron and his group.
  • Investigate the Houndsmen's camp.
  • Search for Lanwaen.
  • Return to the village.




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