The Golden Anvil

Location Zenithar's Abbey
Reward Band of Zenithar
Average Leveled Gold

The Golden Anvil is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Blackwood Chapter DLC.


Quest Information

A priest of Zenithar asked me to help him locate a lost artifact of his faith, the Golden Anvil, in Zenithar's Abbey.



  • Zenithar's Abbey



  • Daluion



  1. Talk to Daluion and go to Zenithar's Abbey.
  2. Search for clues as to where the Golden Anvil is.
  3. Speak to Daluion.
  4. Go to each of the three stalls to find further clues.
  5. Find each of the three sigil keys.
  6. Unlock and enter the adytum.
  7. Speak to Gavos Douar.
  8. Speak to Daluion.
  9. Interact with the Golden Anvil
  10. Exit the Abbey.
  11. Speak with Daluion.


Notes & Trivia


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