The Fires of Dune


Reaper's March,  Dune


Desert's Jewel Cowl
Very High Leveled Gold

The Fires of Dune is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

I've arrived at the city of Dune to find it under siege by Daedra and the forces of Javad Tharn.



  • Queen Ayrenn



  • Talk to the Champion in Dune.
  • Charge the Sacred Khajiit Fang by killing five atronachs, then use it to close the Daedric portal.
  • Find Esan outside the Mages Guild.
  • Destroy the totem in Walker's Stay inn.
  • Close the Daedric portal outside the Mages Guild.
  • Talk to Dagila inside the guild.
  • Cleanse the shrines of Jone and Jode.
  • Defeat the Daedra at the shrine of Lorkhaj.
  • Talk to the Champion, then follow her to the Temple of the Dance.



  • Note: To kill the Harvester, destroy the orbs that they spawn, These orbs heal the Harvester to full. If you kill the orbs, they will heal you instead. 
  • Video Guide: Click here 
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