The Falinesti Faithful


Greenshade, Falinesti Spring Site


Bloody War Boots
Average Leveled Gold

The Falinesti Faithful is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

A small group of Wood Elves entered the Falinesti Spring Site, which has been taken over by Wood Orcs. When they petitioned the Wood Orcs to leave, they were taken prisoner. Egannor managed to escape, but his friends are still in the camp.



  • Egannor



  • Rescue the Falinesti Faithful.
  • Find Fanrel and decide to help her get revenge or not.
  • Revenge: Kill Roog and Grashla, and take their heads to Fanrel.
    Place the heads in the circle.
    Defeat the Chieftain.
  • Otherwise: Return to Egannor.




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